7 Signs a Guy Isn't Worthy of Your Time ...

By Merarri

7 Signs a Guy Isn't Worthy of Your Time ...

There are certain signs a guy isn’t worthy of your time that every girl should know. Dating these guys will make you miserable because they suck the life out of you in one way or another. If you have been dating a guy that has been displaying classic signs a guy isn’t worthy of your time, walk away. Trust me, you can do a lot better ladies. A girl should never put up with this kind of behavior as she searches for love.

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1 He Demands All Your Attention

One of the biggest signs a guy isn’t worthy of your time is if he is incredibly clingy. The clingy guy is obvious to spot because he needs to be attached to you 24/7. On the rare time he isn’t with you, he is blowing up your phone with angry text messages and voicemails. This type of guy is so emotionally needy that he will rely on you for his happiness and will sulk when you aren’t there. Avoid this type of guy because he will demand all of your time and energy, leaving you with none for yourself.

2 He Frequently Disappears

If your boyfriend does a frequent disappearing act in which he goes M.I.A. for days or weeks at a time, it's time to say goodbye. It takes less than a minute to pick up the phone or send a text in this modern age so don’t put up with this bad behavior if it's happening constantly. A guy that is into the relationship doesn't need to be hunted down because he will have frequent communication with you.

3 He Emotionally Abuses You

Another sign that a guy isn't worthy of your time is if he is emotionally abusive to you. Emotional abuse has many different forms like criticizing, insulting, belittling, or calling you names. If your boyfriend makes you feel bad about yourself, let him go. This guy will destroy your self-esteem and self-confidence, making you feel like you aren't good enough.

4 He Interrogates You

It's okay if your boyfriend wants frequent status updates on your life but if he is interrogating your every move, reconsider being with him. The interrogator boyfriend is insecure and he will analyze each hour of your day looking for any sign of suspicious behavior. Although you might be completely truthful and upfront about your day, he will still accuse you of cheating. This type of guy thinks that all girls cheat because he has been cheated on before and nothing you say will change his views.

5 He Puts Little Effort into the Relationship

Dating a guy that puts little effort into the relationship can make you emotionally exhausted as you try to keep the relationship afloat. A relationship takes two people in order for it to work and keep both people satisfied. It’s unfair that he put the entire weight of the relationship onto your shoulders. If he doesn't want to put any effort into the relationship, he isn't invested in it.

6 He is in a Relationship but Not with You

If you are dating a guy that is giving you one excuse after another as to why he can’t be with you, he isn't worthy of you. This kind of guy has a complicated love life and it usually involves a long-term partner. You may hear excuses that he can’t leave her because of the the kids or that the divorce isn't final. One of the worst things he can tell you is that he is still in love with her and can’t decide between the two of you. If he wanted to end his relationship with his partner, he would leave and be with you.

7 He is Emotionally Unavailable

This is the guy that keeps himself emotionally distant from his partner. This guy isn’t worthy of your time because he will never be able to give you the relationship that you seek. This guy will run from any type of serious commitment for a variety of reasons. He might be afraid of committing himself to one girl, he might be nursing a broken heart or he just doesn't feel like he can handle a relationship.

All of these types of guys are not a good choice for a happy long-term relationship. Sometimes when you really want things to work out, you might overlook bad behavior. With time, you will see that you sacrificed your chance at happiness by dating a guy that didn't deserve you. Ladies can you share other signs that a guy isn't worthy of you?

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I have dated each and every type! Multiple signs characterize just one guy!

If they seem to be hiding the fact that they are dating you from everyone. Sounds obvious but sometimes they can say just what you like to hear so you wouldn't see it.

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