15 Tell-Tale Signs That Prove He's into You ...


Signs he’s into you β€” are we ever sure we know them all? Why do guys have to leave us guessing? Why can’t they be more direct? No worries, sweetie! If you’re not sure the guy you like returns the feeling, I can help. Here are 7 sure signs that he is into you β€” use this like a checklist, and see how many apply!

1. He Calls You

He Calls You

My mother once gave me the best bit of dating advice ever: if a boy likes you, nothing will stop him from calling you. WAIT! I know what you’re thinking β€” does texting or instant messaging count? Well, sort of. A sure sign that he is into you is that he wants to actually speak to you, hear your voice, so a phone call is still the best indicator. Thanks, mom!

He Keeps up with Your Social Media


what does it mean when my crush says how are you to me when i say hey to him and he stares at me all the time even when he is talking to his frien?
if i say hi to my crush and he says how are you and he stares at me and he smiles big at me what does that me
Hey everyone so I'm having trouble figuring out if this guy likes me. I work in food service and my coworker had pointed out that this guy clearly likes me although I think he's just being nice. When ...
Jasmine King
Hi everyone! I recently met a guy online who happens to live in the same student halls as me..which was great! We started off chatting as friends and he said he wanted to come over and visit and get t...
I love the eye contact or staring at you I always get butterflies when I catch my crush staring at meβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’•
Aw yea totally true
Jacqui Louise
I met a guy less than a week ago, and we've already hugged and muck around together, he asked for my number a few days ago and I gave it to him, we've been texting since :) he called me this morning f...
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