The Surprising Physical Signs of a Bad Relationship ...


Sometimes the signs of a bad relationship aren't just emotional.

In fact, many people experience physical side effects and don't realize it until the symptoms disappear after the breakup.2

If you've been feeling run down and sick without actually being ill, take a long hard look at your relationship.

If you're not happy, be on the look out for the physical signs of a bad relationship.

1. Weight Fluctuations

One of the more noticeable signs of a bad relationship is sudden weight fluctuations.2

Toxic relationships often make you feel insecure.

As a result, you might start stress eating or trying extreme diets to feel better about yourself.

Either way, friends and family will notice and hopefully ask you what's wrong.

Weight fluctuations are normal with women, but sudden changes mixed with a not-so-happy relationship are a sign something's wrong.

Stuffy Nose
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