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Dating Red Flags Too Dangerous to Ignore ...

By Valencia

So you’ve met a guy and he has a lot of qualities you look for in a partner — it's the perfect match. But even if it seems like you've landed a great catch, there are dating red flags you shouldn't ignore. Nobody is perfect, so you shouldn’t expect perfection from your partner. At the same time, you shouldn’t settle for someone who might be putting up a front. Here's a look at seven dating red flags you shouldn't ignore.

1 Trying to Change You

person, woman, You, Change, your, Some people will admit to growing and becoming a better person in a relationship. A good partner can bring out the best in you. However, be careful if your partner tries to change everything about you. It might be the way you talk, the way you dress or your interests. A good partner encourages you to be yourself, and he'll never try to mold you into his idea girlfriend.

2 Possessive of Your Time

person, singing, finger, thumb, Stay, Understandably, couples want to spend time together. But you also have a life outside the relationship. If your boyfriend is possessive and doesn't want you to spend time with your friends or family, or if he always questions your whereabouts, run for the hills. This behavior will likely worsen as the relationship progresses.


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3 Criticizes You

person, hairstyle, film noir, profession, film, If you can’t do anything right in his eye, it’s time to move on. Nobody is perfect, and if your partner can’t accept that you're going to make mistakes, he’s not the right person for you. You need someone who will encourage and build you up, not criticize your every move or tear you down.

4 Only Shows Affection when You’re Alone

person, facial expression, emotion, film, How, I'm not suggesting a public make out session. However, there's nothing over-the-top with holding hands or walking with his arm around your shoulder. If you notice he only shows affection when you're alone, he might be trying to keep the relationship hidden. This is especially true if you attempt to hold his hand and he slowly pulls away.

5 Secretive about His Life

person, speech, profession, suit, gentleman, Your partner might not feel comfortable divulging specific details of his personal life early in the relationship. But if you've been together for a while, yet you know absolutely nothing about his family, work or job, he might be hiding something from you or he doesn't want those in his circle to know about the relationship.

6 He Doesn't Have a Good Reputation

hair, hairstyle, black hair, bangs, brown hair, You may think your partner is a wonderful person, but if public opinion isn't good, think twice before moving forward with the relationship. Some people can put up a convincing façade early in a relationship. This is how they win a partner’s love and respect. However, they can't keep up the charade forever, and eventually their true colors will come through. If several people have warned you about a particular person, don’t ignore their concerns.

7 You Have a Gut Feeling

nose, singing, vote, alwavs, comes, Even if the relationship is going well, you might have a feeling you can't shake. You might not be able to put your finger on the problem, but it’s better to go with your instinct rather than stay in a relationship that may not end well.

Relationships are tricky, but if you recognize dating red flags early on, you can make better choices and save yourself a lot of heartache. What are other red flags we shouldn't ignore?

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