Tell-Tale Signs That Your Man is Cheating ...


While you should only date men that you trust, you should also keep an eye out for signs that he's cheating. You don't want to end up getting your heart broken by infidelity you never saw coming. It's best to be on alert, especially when you notice these tell-tale signs that your man is cheating:

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His Texting Habits Are Bizarre

Technology is such a huge part of our world nowadays that it's the first place you should look for signs of cheating. Does he angle his phone away from you when he texts? Does he keep a lock on his phone that you don't know the password to? Does he delete all of the messages from his female friends before you have the opportunity to read them? If he does all of those things, you should be suspicious.


He Gives Vague Details

When you enter a relationship with someone, there's an unspoken agreement that you'll communicate openly with each other. If you ask your boyfriend where he is and he says, "out," you should be suspicious. If he constantly refuses to give you details about where he's going or who's out with him, then you shouldn't trust him.


He Refuses to Introduce You to Friends

There are plenty of reasons for him to keep you away from his friends and family. He might assume your relationship won't last long, so he won't want to take the time to make introductions. You might be the "other woman" that he doesn't want anyone to know about. His friends might know about his infidelity and he's worried that they'll let something slip when they meet you. The possibilities are endless, but most of them are negative.


He's Changed His Appearance

If you've been with your man for years and he's never groomed himself all that well down there, but suddenly he's always using a razor, you should be suspicious. The same goes for the days when he uses cologne that you've never seen him use before. He might be trying hard to look good for someone who isn't you.


He's Self-Defensive and Accusatory

Cheaters can become super self-defensive when you ask them simple questions. If you ask him what he did that day out of curiosity, but then he goes on a rant about how you don't trust him, it's probably because you shouldn't trust him. He might even accuse you of cheating in order to throw you off, or because he thinks you'd stoop as low as he has.


He's Low on Cash

This one is easier to figure out if you're married or have a joint bank account. If your man is running low on money, but hasn't made any big purchases lately, you should be suspicious. He could be spending that money on a hotel room with his lover, or on gifts for her. If you happen to see a receipt laying around, you might want to check it.


He's All around Suspicious

If you find lipstick in their car or a pair of underwear on your bed, it's pretty obvious that your man is cheating. If he stops showing an interest in your body and no longer wants to kiss or have sex, it's another sign he might be getting off elsewhere. If he smells like another woman's perfume or showers as soon as he gets home, it's another red flag.

If your man does one of these things, it doesn't necessarily mean he's cheating. However, if all of these things describe him, it's time for a serious chat. Are you worried about your man cheating on you?

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Sometimes you just don't know

If you're constantly trying to read through his phone or trying to keep tabs on him all the time, the relationship probably isn't very healthy and you might be turning into a crazy person. If you can't trust your partner then you shouldn't be with them. 7 years and four kids later and I don't even know where my boyfriend's phone is or if he has a password at all, and I don't care. We're secure in our relationship and I think everyone deserves to feel the same way we do.

@wroc Probably yes, if at all he s doing it knowing that you know it.. Then there s nothing to worry about it. Or if he s trying to hide it and take it in...then I guess you shd be suspicious about it. Try to see that if its happening in late nights.

#6 eye opening

I was just thinking the same thing. Who looks through someone else's phone? Someone that's insecure and paranoid.

If your man or significant other cheats on you, don't go fault-finding with yourself. Just look at what a babe Halle Berry is, and she was cheated on. Sometimes men just cheat because they can. They think you will never find out, aren't ALL men sex addicts anyway?!$#%

#5 speaks volumes Ladies. Also if your partner is overly defensive about their phone is to be suspicious about. I understand keeping a password Due to strangers, but your partner should have access to it in my opinion, even if they will never access your phone. If there is nothing to hide I don't see why your partner or you have passwords and not open about it or have the code to it. Gives in to be more curious about it!

If a man constantly, takes a cell to the bathroom or puts a password on it. Should you be suspious?

@wroc I don't think you should be suspicious because my man does it all the time but hes playing games on his phone. I take mine to the bathroom cos i like to read blogs and i have a password on my phone but I'm not cheating.

If he says ur paranoid and insecure he is lying.... Go with ur gut feeling ladies

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