The Difference πŸ”€ between like 😍 and Love πŸ’ ...


Sometimes, it's hard to tell if you like someone a lot or if you're actually in love with them. Of course, there are some subtle differences. If you really stop to think about your feelings, you should be able to figure it out. Here's the difference between like and love:

1. You Don't Mind His Flaws

You Don't Mind His Flaws

When you like someone, you'll be blinded by your feelings and think that they're flawless. However, when you love someone, you'll be able to see their "flaws," but you won't mind them at all.

It’s Painful to Be Apart


peony blue
One man's love is another man's like and one man'slove is another man's like take your pick!
@ Jules. Listen to your parents they want what's best for you
That's really sad.
@jules lol same with me!!
I like a guy but I'm not in love with him because I'm not allowed to date because my parents won't let me lol! ☺️
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