The 17 Stages of Ghosting on a Relationship ...



It's a divisive subject.

Some people think it's the worst thing you can do to someone else – just fading away into the ether.

Other people understand that, sometimes, ghosting is the only way.

I think most of us have probably done this to someone – a date, a lover, a friend, an acquaintance.

It happens.

There are times when you just cannot handle the direct confrontation of telling someone you don't want them in your life any longer.

Some people make it impossible to walk away.

Hell, I ghosted on a former girlfriend who was a very toxic presence in my life – that happened almost ten years ago and she just Instastalked me.2

Ghosting happens, there are dozens of reasons why, but the whole process typically goes a little something like this …

1. You've Found That You Have Absolutely Nothing in Common

You've Found That You Have Absolutely Nothing in Common

It happens.

It can happen right away or over time, but it does happen.

Ghosting may pop up as a possibility because you realize that you have nothing to say to the person you're with … and you're not particularly interested in anything they have to say, either.

They Start Blowing up Your Phone before You've Even Met


Candee Chow
I've ghosted on some creepy guys before. Definitely wasn't something I wanted to do but the guy was super interested and wouldn't get a clue even tho I've told him I wasn't interested him in any way. Actually the story was that we were friends through a friend and then he wanted to discuss some things about work with me so we went out for dinner and discussed it, when suddenly he pulls out questions about my three sizes...yeah! Then I just told him straight out that I'm not interested in him and that he made me extremely uncomfortable. Unfortunately this guy doesn't take "no" for an answer so I had to ghost and then basically block him on everything. What's worse was he used another friend to add me on Facebook and whatsapp and used his friend to tell me to unblock him and talk to him again. >.>
Princess A
I have been ghosted before and it really sucks. Just be upfront about things, and your not interested then tell me, ghosting just hurts and it's not very nice. All I can say about ppl that ghost need to grow up
It's funny that this came out right as I got ghosted for the first time. I didn't even know about this term, but it's exactly what happened. I think I deserved an explanation and a simple it's over. But I am leaving that to be in his character and not mine. I can handle being without him, I wanted him here which is different. He can go down in my book as a coward. That's all him.
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