17 Times Jim and Pam Defined Your RelationshipGoals ...

By Lyndsie

17 Times Jim and Pam Defined Your RelationshipGoals   ...

Jim and Pam are the ultimate couple, they are friends at the core and the #relationshipgoals are huge in their marriage. If you are looking for a relationship to model yours after, this is it! If you haven't seen the office, watch it. You'll totally agree!

1 He Would Have Saved Her …

THAT. Right there, that's true #relationshipgoals.

2 When Jim Finally Admitted It

He owned up. Finally.

3 That Adorable Gas Station Proposal

I almost died. He couldn't wait.

4 He Knew

That moment when he met her. He knew.

5 When She Fell Asleep on His Shoulder

And it made his entire day.

6 That Kiss in the Rain

So one of my relationship goals!

7 The Way That Jim Talks about Her

Even when she isn't in the room.

8 They Left Their Own Wedding

To get married in Niagara. God, that is brave!

9 When He Finally, Finally Asked Her out

Did you get butterflies?

10 When He Cut His Tie

They are perfect together.

11 How They Are Best Friends Always

That is the core of them.

12 Mental Pictures


13 She's His Everything

And he's hers.

14 When He Showed Us the Ring

The ring he got the first week they were dating.

15 The Looks They Give

And all of the smiles.

16 The Kissing

As they are wheeling into the hospital.

17 How They Look at Their Kid

Oh god, they are amazing!

So, what relationship goals do you have?

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