8 Tips to Get over Your First Love ...


Your first love is the hardest to get over, but there are tips to get over your first love that do really work, if you use them. There are many times when you never, truly get over your first experiences with love and romance, but these tips to get over your first love can help ease the pain. It's going to be hard, but it is so worth getting over and so worth moving on.

1. Don't Keep Reminiscing

There are tons of times that you are going to dwell on the past, times that you are going to go back into your memories and draw from them, but don't do it right away. Try not to think about the past, try not to dwell on your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. This is one of the many tips to get over your first love that can save you a lot of heartache and pain.

Give Yourself Time to Grieve


Manon Kiki Jean
I'm actually going though the heartbreak of my first love right now. He and I broke it up a couple of months ago but i didn't realize how much in love i was until recently.I would find myself crying about him a lot at random times. Your post has helped.
Janet good men are hard to find and if he's a good man. good father a good husband even though you have been through a lot life is toooo short . forgive him and don't let him be alone . ask your self ...
Any suggestions??
It's been 14 years .. He's a good man he loves me lives his kids but he's also done. Bunch of REALY bad things ... It hurt a lot to leave him I changed my number I changed everything ... I know he's d...
He was my first boyfriend and first love and we had been together for almost a year. We had been having a lot of reoccurring problems and he mentioned a "break" two days ago. I'm still suffering the p...
Rashny Poovi K
it is the reminiscing that sucks the most in getting over our first love.
I've been dating some for almost 2 years now. our anniversary would be November 24. we called it off for good yesterday. i really dont know how to deal with this because i loved him so much. he was m...
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