7 Ways to Get over Someone You Never Had ...


Finding the right ways to get over someone that you've never, ever had is difficult!

We've all had that crush that we can't get over, we've all had that feeling of trying to get over someone that we've never had before , but how do you actually move past those feelings?

Below, I've come up with the top 7 ways to get over someone you've never had and how you can move on from the relationship that was never yours.

1. Don't Dwell

Firstly, you've got to remember that you shouldn't dwell on something that you've never had!

This is one of the surefire ways to get over someone you've never had – don't dwell!

Dwelling on how well they looked passing you in the hallway or how great they smelled that one time you interacted isn't going to help you move on.

Don't Obsess over Small Things


@Beautifulmess I like what it says in ur profile pic :)
I unrequited love sucks!
how do you get over a boy who you like on and off? a boy who likes you on and off? timing is never right, so it isn't right then is it? but the hope he gives me... it bring me up and then i drop, it sucks. just cut him from my life? i can't imagine no him, he's woven in over time, but if there isn't a way? we're really unbalancing each other's datelife
I love this post! Seems very similar to what I'm currently going Through!
Also if you truly WANT to get over someone, let go of the possibility that you have a chance. Still having that hope in your heart won't help you move on.
Omg I love this article. #3 so in point👌 you really didn't get to know them, don't sweat it! 😉😏#6 gf's could be a great reminders of that, seriously! Lol speaking from experience!
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