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11 Ways to Distract Yourself from Calling Your Ex ...

By Gabriella

One of the hardest things about a breakup is losing contact with someone who you were once so close to, so here are 11 ways to distract yourself from calling your ex, the next time you are thinking of getting back in touch with them. I’m not saying that you should never talk to them again, but calling up an ex on a whim can end in tears and normally doesn’t go the way you’ve planned. These are 11 ways to distract yourself from calling your ex that might help you to stop making that dreaded phone call the next time you think you want to talk to them.

1 Paint Your Nails

Paint Your NailsThis is probably the favorite of my ways to distract yourself from calling your ex. Every time that I start thinking about my ex and have an urge to call him, I paint my nails instead because I know there is no way I can call him without getting nail polish all over my phone, and I definitely do not want that! Also if you take the time and give yourself a proper manicure, it can take up and hour to do so by the time you’re all finished with your nails, hopefully your urge to call your ex has passed. Also you’ll be left with some gorgeous looking nails - and who can complain about that?

2 Exercise

ExerciseAnother great way to distract yourself from calling your ex is to exercise. This is the healthiest option on this list, allowing you to take out your frustrations in a healthy and active way. Exercise will help to release some much needed endorphins making you feel happier. Whether you just go for a quick stroll round the block, a long run or even my personal favourite, boxing - any type of exercise is a great way to take your mind off your ex and to stop you from calling them!


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3 Put on a Face Mask

Put on a Face MaskSlapping on a face mask when you have the urge to call your ex is a fantastic idea because there’s no way you’re able to call ANYONE whilst you have something on your face. Not only are you avoiding the awkward conversation with your ex but you’re also doing something great for your skin. So next time you think about calling your ex why not instead sit back, put on a face mask and take some time out to just chill and relax?

4 Call Your BFF

Call Your BFFIf you have to call someone, avoid calling your ex and instead call your best friend. Talk to them about how you are feeling and see what their suggestions are. I know I have rung my best friend numerous times, no matter what time day or night and she just chats away to me. Whether she tells me about her day, or just something random she saw online, she never fails to make me laugh and that’s why I love her. I always hang up the phone with a smile after talking to my best friend, and she never ever, ever fails to make me forget about my ex.

5 Create a Vision Board

Create a Vision BoardNow I was never sure about this idea but a friend got me into it after one particularly rough breakup. Whenever I felt like calling my ex I was to instead, make a vision or mood board about something I wanted to achieve in life. Whether it was the perfect summer wardrobe or what I wanted to achieve in ten years time, just sitting down and creating a vision board is a surefire way to put down your phone and forget about your ex.

6 Volunteer

VolunteerVolunteer work is a great way to distract yourself from calling your ex, and not only that but you’re doing something fantastic to help someone less fortunate than yourself. No matter how down you are about your ex, or how much you miss them, by volunteering not only are you able to distract yourself but you’re also able to make a difference to someone else’s life. I recommend volunteering to everyone because it’s a great way to spend your day and the smile you’ll have on your face when you’re finished is, in my opinion, a good enough excuse for me!

7 Be Social

Be SocialBreakups are hard! I know that, you know that, everyone knows that. And while a few days of moping around the house are necessary, after a few days you really should try and get out. It will stop you from sitting around and just staring at your phone, willing it to ring. I’m not saying you have to go out and be a social butterfly, but spending sometime with your friends or family will help to stop you calling your ex.

8 Write a List of What They do to Annoy You

Write a List of What They do to Annoy YouWhile this might not be one of the nicest ways to take your mind off of calling your ex; sometimes a bit of healthy venting is just what a girl needs! If you’re really starting to miss your ex and you just want to call them and tell them, instead sit down and write a list of everything they did to annoy you. From leaving their dirty washing all through the house, to snoring whilst they sleep…I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with a few reasons as to why they annoyed you.

9 Read a Book

Read a BookAnother great way to distract yourself from calling your ex is too sink your teeth into a good book and get caught up in a whole other world! I love reading and one of my favourite things to do is just to curl up with a book and forget about everything that’s happening in the real world. Make a list of books that you want to read and every time you think about calling your ex, pick up one of these books instead.

10 Watch TV

Watch TVLike reading a book but just a little bit more mindless and self-indulgent. Whenever I feel like calling my ex I put on either a movie or my favourite TV show, put down my phone and just focus on what I am watching. I love watching TV and find that I can be sucked into what I am watching, allowing myself to forget about my plans to call my ex.

11 Hide Your Phone

Hide Your PhoneThis one might seem a little silly, but honestly if you’re that desperate to stop yourself from calling your ex you’ll try anything. When my ex and I first broke up I used to give my phone to my housemate or a family member and get them to hide it from me (on silent) for a few hours. This is great because it gives you a break from your phone and you won’t just sit there staring at it. If you live alone try putting it on silent in a room of the house you don’t go into very often and then give yourself a time (say 3 hours) as to when you’re allowed back into that room. It might sound silly but this technique sure does work!

These are just some of the ways to distract yourself from calling your ex. Calling an ex on a whim is never a good idea, no matter how many excuses you make or how many reasons you think you have to call them. So the next time you’re tempted to call your ex, try one (or all) of these tasks on your list. What are you techniques to stop yourself from contacting your ex?

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