7 Ways to Get Your Crush Alone to Talk to Him ...


Trying to learn how to get your crush alone is never easy. Guys, just like girls tend to group together and it's hard to find an in with your crush to pull him away right? If you've tried all of the ways to get your crush alone, but nothing seems to be working, give my tips a try! I've got all of the top ways to get your crush alone so that you can finally get to know him, so that you can finally talk to him!

1. Practice Approaching Him

Before you actually approach him, you've got to find practice approaching him. Practice your smile, practice how you are going to do it, practice what you are going to say. Trust me, the more practice that you do, the better off you'll be. After all, this way to get your crush alone will make sure that you are prepared to actually spill things to him!

Find a Good Time to Approach Him


Hey Heather! So I have a crush on this guy at my school who I've never talked to, but I know he would be good for me. I see him constantly throughout my day since my single-sex school has coordinate ...
I have a crush on a guy who i see every sunday at church he sits beside every time i go there hes very handsome and i really wanna talk to him but there's no subject to talk any help
So I'm in the 9th grade, I have two classes with my crush. And I am right beside his classroom in another period. But when we pass each other in the hallways he glances at me, for like a second. I tri...
Hi Heather! I just met this guy that I liked yesterday. It went pretty well, but I'm having trouble being casual. Any tips? Apart from this, there's another girl who keeps getting in the way. She's a ...
??? 😅
Hi! There's this person I really like and we are always in the same common room and stuff. We talked over the Internet for ages and it kinda just started because he was the only one at school in my co...
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