7 Ways to Get Your Crush Alone to Talk to Him ...


Trying to learn how to get your crush alone is never easy.

Guys, just like girls tend to group together and it's hard to find an in with your crush to pull him away right?

If you've tried all of the ways to get your crush alone, but nothing seems to be working, give my tips a try!

I've got all of the top ways to get your crush alone so that you can finally get to know him, so that you can finally talk to him!

1. Practice Approaching Him

Before you actually approach him, you've got to find practice approaching him.

Practice your smile, practice how you are going to do it, practice what you are going to say.

Trust me, the more practice that you do, the better off you'll be.

After all, this way to get your crush alone will make sure that you are prepared to actually spill things to him!

Find a Good Time to Approach Him


I am kinda in the same situation as ?????? Hey Heather, do you think he likes her?
Heather Jensen
Hi! I'd definitely see if you can flirt with him a little more and see where it gets you!
Heather Jensen
Hi Romii! I'd definitely say that you should approach him. I know that it's hard, but you want to see if you can talk to him at least. Why not at least see if he likes you? :)
Heather Jensen
Hi A! It sounds like he does like you, so why don't you up the flirting a bit and see if you can get him to respond? Truthfully, flirting isn't hard, it does take some skill though. Smile at home, touch him a little, tease him and make eye contact! :)
ok i am in sixth grade and there is this guy at my school, he is a player, he is three years older than me and he is really hot! He is nice to me flirts with me but he kind of does that to everyone, he smiles when he looks at me and he is the kind of guy that likes girls cus there hot. but if he really liked a girl, he would be a good bf. i was talking to his freind and he said that the boy i like doesnt like me, he might not but he also might not have told his friend the truth. sry this message was so long. really confused, whats ur opinion?
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