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8 Ways to Flirt if You're a Shy Girl ...

By Alison

Flirting doesn’t come easy to most of us, and it’s certainly not easy to know how to flirt if you are a shy girl. After all, who wants to risk being turned down? But sometimes girls have to take the initiative, and how can a guy know that you are interested in him if you don’t give him any signs that you like him? So here are some tips on how to flirt if you are a shy girl …

1 Don’t Overdo It

This is an important tip on how to flirt if you are a shy girl. Never try too hard - it will be so obvious if you’re uncomfortable! Also don’t act too keen – you’ll just look desperate, or worse, he’ll think you’re up for anything. So relax, and keep your flirting light.

2 Practise

If the idea of flirting really scares you, try practising. You don’t need to enlist a friend, or do those excruciating “job interview” kind of role plays. Just imagine yourself chatting to a guy, and think about the kinds of things you would like to say to him – then it will be easier when you try it out in a real situation.


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3 Play a Role

Do you think that you’re not the kind of girl who’s very good at flirting, or that guys won’t be interested in you? Start seeing yourself as a different person, someone who is appealing to guys. Think of it as being an actress and playing a part – it will soon become easier.

4 Show Interest

Nobody is going to be attracted to someone who doesn’t respond to their questions or show any interest in them. That’s the problem for shy girls! Yes, it’s difficult to talk to people when you’re shy, let alone flirt. But you need to express an interest in what guys are saying, so take cues from their conversation, and ask them questions.

5 Listen

People like to feel that someone is interested in what they are saying, so when you want to flirt with a guy, show that you are listening to him. He’ll find that really attractive! Pay attention to his conversation, but don’t just listen and say nothing, which would be a bit creepy! Ask questions based on what he is saying.

6 Smile

There is nothing more attractive than a genuine smile! So don’t let your shyness stop you from smiling. Guys will love it! Avoid the nervous kind of smile, as you will just look crazy; just show off those cute dimples, and let your smile reach your eyes.

7 Avoid Groups

It’s best not to try flirting when there are a lot of other people around, as you will find it intimidating. So if you want to flirt with a guy, try to get him away from his or your friends, to somewhere a little quieter. You will find it much easier to flirt without an audience!

8 Use Your Best Feature

Being a shy girl, you probably think that you don’t have a best feature. Oh yes you do! Whether it’s your beautiful eyes, gorgeous curls or stunning smile, make the most of it. If you have lovely eyes, look right at him (if you wear glasses, peep over the top at him). He’ll love that!

Yes, it’s hard flirting when you’re shy, but girls, sometimes you have to be the one to get things started! In the 21st century we can’t expect guys to do all the work. Even if he starts the flirting process off, you have to respond, or he’ll give up. So you need to work on overcoming that shyness. And don’t forget that a lot of guys are shy as well! Have you ever had a flirting failure – or managed to get the guy of your dreams?

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