7 Ways Guys Can Mess with Your Head ...


How guys mess with your head is something that so many girls wonder about. Have you been in the dating scene for a while and you are curious how guys mess with your head without any remorse? What about some of the ways guys can mess with your head? Don't worry, girls, I've delved deep in and I'm going to share with you all of the different ways guys can play mind games and make things confusing!

1. Mixed Messages

Learning the ins and outs of how guys mess with your head is difficult, especially when they are sending mixed messages! If your guy is sending mixed messages, it could absolutely be one of the ways that he is messing with your head. It could be a sign that maybe he doesn't like you as much as you think. Ask him about it and if you feel like he is messing with your head, talk to him about it!



Hi there's this guy I'm talking to and I told him I don't want to go out with anyone yet and he asked me if I wanted to mess round instead but I haven't answered to the question because I don't know w...
Ok I need help ASAP!!! I'm going insane trying to figure this guy out!! Ok so we met this school year as he's in an academy with me. So I recently started liking him and I can't stop thinking about hi...
Susan elfman
Yes I've been messed with. I told my crush I like him and he's been ignoring me for a couple months
Heather Jensen
Yes! Agreed!
Heather Jensen
Hi Ay! Firstly, never let anyone push you into sex. That is your decision and you shouldn't be pressured, ever. Second, he needs to back off. You might need to talk to him. :)
Becca Pearl Fischer
I even had something similar to @Olivia's but it was my 18th birthday at our homecoming dance and I saw him cheat on me. The minute any guy makes you feel inferior, walk away!!! Do not make excuses fo...
ay8 r9[at50b [aq3t54[0
hi im going out with this guy for 2 months n he doesnt want anyone to know that knows coz he doesnt want ppl to talk about us nhe flirts with a lot of people in my face n he tells me i love u and st...
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