7 Ways Guys Can Mess with Your Head ...


7 Ways Guys Can Mess with Your Head ...
7 Ways Guys Can Mess with Your Head ...

How guys mess with your head is something that so many girls wonder about. Have you been in the dating scene for a while and you are curious how guys mess with your head without any remorse? What about some of the ways guys can mess with your head? Don't worry, girls, I've delved deep in and I'm going to share with you all of the different ways guys can play mind games and make things confusing!

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Mixed Messages

Learning the ins and outs of how guys mess with your head is difficult, especially when they are sending mixed messages! If your guy is sending mixed messages, it could absolutely be one of the ways that he is messing with your head. It could be a sign that maybe he doesn't like you as much as you think. Ask him about it and if you feel like he is messing with your head, talk to him about it!


It's no secret that guys can be hard to read, and when they start sending mixed messages, it can be even more confusing. Mixed messages can come in many forms, from ignoring you one day and then being overly attentive the next, to sending you mixed signals about their feelings. It can be hard to tell if they are messing with your head or if they really don't know what they want.

When it comes to mixed messages, it's important to remember that it's not always intentional. Sometimes guys don't even realize they are sending mixed signals. It could be a sign that they are unsure of their feelings or are afraid to express them. It could also mean that they are trying to protect themselves from getting hurt.

If your guy is sending mixed messages, it's best to talk to him about it. Ask him what he is feeling and why he is sending mixed signals. It's also important to remember that it's ok to walk away if the situation isn't healthy for you. No one deserves to be in a relationship where they are constantly being manipulated and confused.



While guys say that girls are big manipulators, they can manipulate with the best of them too! If your guy is constantly manipulating you, it could be one of the ways that he is messing with your head. You need to stop him dead in his tracks if you have a feeling that he is manipulating you.


Manipulation is a common form of emotional abuse, and it can be incredibly damaging to a relationship. It can be hard to spot, as it often takes the form of subtle comments or behaviors that undermine your self-confidence or make you doubt yourself. It’s important to be aware of this kind of behavior and to take steps to protect yourself.

Manipulative behavior often involves making you feel guilty or ashamed for things that you have no control over. A manipulative partner might use guilt-tripping to make you do things that they want, or to make you feel bad for expressing your own thoughts and feelings. They might also make subtle comments to make you feel like you’re not good enough or that you’re not living up to their expectations.

Manipulative behavior can also involve gaslighting, which is when your partner tries to make you question your own reality and memory. They might deny that something happened or make you feel like you’re imagining things, which can be incredibly damaging to your self-confidence and mental health.


Ignoring You

A lot of the time, a guy can ignore you for hours and hours and then, when he needs you, you instantly have all of his attention. This is another form of messing with your head! If your guy is ignoring you until he needs you, ignore him right back! This will drive him nuts and mess with his head.


Being treated like a convenience rather than a priority can leave you feeling undervalued and frustrated. It's essential to establish boundaries and make it clear that your attention is not on standby, just waiting to be called upon. If he's only all-in when it suits him, it's a red flag. Don't let this slide. Stand your ground and let him know that a genuine relationship is a two-way street, involving consistent communication and mutual respect. Remember, you deserve someone who is attentive and considers your feelingsnot just when it's convenient for them.



Another way a guy can mess with your head is to friend-zone you, so that he can actually date your BFF or so that he can flirt endlessly with all of your friends. If you have a crush and you are seeing that your crush is constantly friend-zoning you just so he can flirt with some other people, you deserve better.


Using Your Emotions

How about your emotions? Does the guy you like constantly prey on your emotions? This is another sign that he is just messing with your head, girls. Did you tell him that you like him and now he is using that against you? Does he constantly say things like 'if you really liked me, you'd do this'? These are all signs that he is just messing with you!



Guys are notorious for this, girls. Firstly, you aren't stupid and nobody should ever, ever make you feel stupid. This means that if a guy is constantly patronizing you, you need to make sure that you put him right back in his place.


Putting You down

Finally girls, the last sign that he is messing with your head is constantly putting you down. Does he call you names? Does he constantly tell you that you are worthless? This is not only putting you down, but it's actually emotionally abusing you. Nobody should ever be allowed to do that to you, girls!

While girls can mess with a guy's head too, guys are known for it. If you are feeling like you are being messed with, maybe you should take a look at my tips! Have you ever been messed with?

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this paragraph is my life. :(

I even had something similar to @Olivia's but it was my 18th birthday at our homecoming dance and I saw him cheat on me. The minute any guy makes you feel inferior, walk away!!! Do not make excuses for him, if he does it once, he'll do it again!! I've had 3 ex-bfs and a few guys i only went on a few dates with message me months after things ended to "apologize" for being jerks, in the past I forgave them but it is a jerk tactic.

Hi there's this guy I'm talking to and I told him I don't want to go out with anyone yet and he asked me if I wanted to mess round instead but I haven't answered to the question because I don't know what his definition of messing around is. Please help me. I'm 16 I'm a junior in high school

I've been dating a guy for almost 2 months and he has no problem with anything that ur experiencing. I would tell him that if he's not willing to show u off then he's not worth ur time.

disagree - men are not women, women are social creatures, men are genetically not so much, women like to work together, men desire competency and a chance to prove themselves by doing and accomplishing goals themselves - they only come together to solve problems that require groups. women have a tribal need to work together in groups much more than men and those needs have been gradually encoded genetically

well its like weve been dating for like some weeks now only a few ppl know about us...whicj is his freinds and some of mine he says he dosent want everybody in our bussiness thsts why he dosent want alot of ppl knowing he has a rep. Of flirting with alot of ppl but out of all of them he only went out with me but is thst an excuse for him to only connect to me on facebook?

How to we dislike something we"ve liked before ?

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