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7 Ways Guys Can Mess with Your Head ...

By Heather

How guys mess with your head is something that so many girls wonder about. Have you been in the dating scene for a while and you are curious how guys mess with your head without any remorse? What about some of the ways guys can mess with your head? Don't worry, girls, I've delved deep in and I'm going to share with you all of the different ways guys can play mind games and make things confusing!

1 Mixed Messages

Learning the ins and outs of how guys mess with your head is difficult, especially when they are sending mixed messages! If your guy is sending mixed messages, it could absolutely be one of the ways that he is messing with your head. It could be a sign that maybe he doesn't like you as much as you think. Ask him about it and if you feel like he is messing with your head, talk to him about it!

2 Manipulating

While guys say that girls are big manipulators, they can manipulate with the best of them too! If your guy is constantly manipulating you, it could be one of the ways that he is messing with your head. You need to stop him dead in his tracks if you have a feeling that he is manipulating you.

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3 Ignoring You

A lot of the time, a guy can ignore you for hours and hours and then, when he needs you, you instantly have all of his attention. This is another form of messing with your head! If your guy is ignoring you until he needs you, ignore him right back! This will drive him nuts and mess with his head.

4 Friend-Zone

Another way a guy can mess with your head is to friend-zone you, so that he can actually date your BFF or so that he can flirt endlessly with all of your friends. If you have a crush and you are seeing that your crush is constantly friend-zoning you just so he can flirt with some other people, you deserve better.

5 Using Your Emotions

How about your emotions? Does the guy you like constantly prey on your emotions? This is another sign that he is just messing with your head, girls. Did you tell him that you like him and now he is using that against you? Does he constantly say things like 'if you really liked me, you'd do this'? These are all signs that he is just messing with you!

6 Patronizing

Guys are notorious for this, girls. Firstly, you aren't stupid and nobody should ever, ever make you feel stupid. This means that if a guy is constantly patronizing you, you need to make sure that you put him right back in his place.

7 Putting You down

Finally girls, the last sign that he is messing with your head is constantly putting you down. Does he call you names? Does he constantly tell you that you are worthless? This is not only putting you down, but it's actually emotionally abusing you. Nobody should ever be allowed to do that to you, girls!

While girls can mess with a guy's head too, guys are known for it. If you are feeling like you are being messed with, maybe you should take a look at my tips! Have you ever been messed with?

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