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8 Love Tricks to Impress a Guy ...

By Heather

Figuring out how to impress a guy is never easy! They are hard creatures to understand and learning the love tricks that can really impress them isn't necessarily something that us girls can master -- guys probably feel the same way about us! If you're looking for ways to impress a guy without using your body, but rather using your wits and intelligence, I've got you covered! We've got more to show than just our bodies, girls, and I'm here to show you how! So, you ready to learn some tips for impressing a guy?

1 No Drama

Guys are obsessed with girls who don't bring drama into their lives. While some drama is necessary once you are their girlfriend , making sure to keep the drama at a minimum when you are just flirting with him is a great way to impress him. Guys want a girl who is laid back someone to go with the flow, someone who doesn't mind change. Keep that in mind when you are learning how to impress a guy.

2 Don't over-Dress Yourself

There is definitely no reason for you to over-dress yourself just because you are trying to impress a guy, girls! Guys actually are more impressed when a girl goes out without getting dressed to the nines. He likes a girl who is laid back and willing to really show herself to the world. Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't dress up at least sometimes, but laid back fashion is better!


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3 Be down for Anything

When you are just learning all of the love tricks to impress a guy, you've got to be down for anything! Changing of plans? That's okay! This one you do have to use your judgment on though. You want to be down for anything within reason. It is not okay for a guy to take advantage of you, while you are trying to impress him.

4 Don't Stress

Girls, when you are first learning how to impress a guy, don't worry about it! Don't stress yourself, don't over-stress yourself. You want to keep calm and just make sure that you are being yourself – after all, that should impress a guy if he really does like you, right?

5 Be Funny

Guys love wit. They love a girl with a sense of humor, they adore a girl who is funny. If you can make a guy laugh, you are in, girls! So one surefire love trick that you can pull out anytime is to make sure that you are making him laugh and being totally funny! Just be a goofball and he'll love it!

6 Be Intelligent

Intelligence is also something that guys absolutely love. While a lot of girls think that guys are impressed by a girl playing dumb so that the guy can teach them something, it is actually the opposite. A guy likes a girl who is smart, a girl who knows what they are talking about and who can teach them something!

7 Flirt

Another love trick that you can pull when you are looking for a way to impress a guy is to flirt! Flirting your way into his life and into his good graces is a great way to really impress him and show him how outgoing you can be. Guys love to feel important and special, and flirting can do that!

8 Remember His Favorite Things

Finally girls, having a great memory and remembering the small, tiny things that he says to you or that he likes is another great love trick that will impress him. Does he have a favorite drink? What about a favorite food? These are things that are important to your man!

So girls, what other love tricks are out there that you can pull to impress your man? Learning how to impress a guy is hard, but not impossible! So, have you ever impressed a man? Let me know what you did!

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