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7 Tips on How to Spot a Creep ...

By Jennifer

Whether you’re new to the dating pool, or have been languishing here for a while, it’s always handy to know how to spot a creep, especially those of the stalker variety. The range of their talents runs from mere annoyance to downright scariness, so it’s important to know how to spot a creep from afar, before he notices you and gets the Creepy Ball rolling. If you’re having a hard time figuring out who’s sincerely nice and who’s just waiting for a restraining order, here are 7 tips on how to spot a creep, in no particular order.

1 He’s a Loner

While some potential creepsters travel in packs, the most serious creeps are loners. Perhaps it’s because they creep out everyone, guys included, so they have no friends, or maybe they prefer to do their creeping work alone, so they don’t invite friends along. Either way, if you notice a lone guy scoping your girls’ night out, he might well be a stalker-in-sheep’s clothing. His lone wolf status isn’t a symbol of his fiery independence, it’s just how to spot a creep… at least, THIS creep.

2 You See Him Everywhere

In the early 1990s, I had a stalker. When he was finally caught, and I saw him face to face, I realized I had been seeing him everywhere for weeks. If you notice the same guy everywhere you go – the library, your job, your fave coffee shop – it might be coincidence, or he might be quietly stalking you. Definitely creepy!

3 You’ve Been Warned

Another clue this guy’s a creep? If anyone warns you about him, especially a stranger. There’s a pro-level creepster at my local library, but a friendly librarian warned me about him, so I know to stay away. If anyone ever warns you not to be too friendly with a guy, take heed and avoid him, or at least be wary.

4 He Touches You

Nothing ever gives anyone, male or female, the right to lay hands on you without your permission. So why don’t creeps know this? Or maybe they do, and it’s just one extra special creepiness offering they like to make. If a guy you’ve just met touches you, especially if it makes you uncomfortable, get away from him – he’s almost certainly a creep! It doesn’t have to be a touch near any of your lady bits to be unwelcome, either, loves – creepsters can also get a kick out of just touching your shoulder while they’re talking to you. I can’t even tell you how grossed out this makes me!

5 Watch How He Treats Other Women

Two can play at the “I’m watching you” game! If someone’s making you uncomfortable, watch how other people react to him, and how he treats other people, especially women. If they’re obviously uncomfortable, then he’s probably a creep.

6 He’s Lewd

Let’s face it. No matter how drunk or bold a guy is, no matter how many of his friends have put him up to a dare, if a guy is behaving lewdly, it’s time to go, and perhaps alert the bouncer or police. Unless you’ve asked to see some guys boy parts (it could happen, I suppose), there’s no reason for him to flash them about. Creep material, for sure!

7 Trust Your Gut

Last, but certainly not least, trust your gut. If your creep alert is beeping, it’s time to leave, safely, preferably with a male escort, like that hunky bouncer you noticed checking IDs as you came in. Don’t confront the creep, just gather your girls and head to another, creep-free club. We girls have women’s intuition for a reason, so trust it!

It’s rotten that we have to worry about creeps and stalkers, but it’s so important to be able to spot one, so you can avoid any hassle (or worse!) down the road. Which of these tips do you and your friends use ferret out creeps? Or is there another tell-tale creep sign I ought to add to my list?

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