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7 Fab Ways to Tell if Your Roommate is Interested in You ...

By Heather

Looking for signs your roommate is interested in you can be extremely hard to see! You live with them, how are you supposed to know what signs your roommate is interested in you to look for? I know if I lived with a roommate, I'd be clueless as to what to look for! So, with that said, I've got all of the signs here, all of the top ways that you'll be able to tell if your roommate wants to be more than just a roommate!

1 Flirting

Do they constantly flirt with you? Guy or girl, do you constantly feel like they are flirting with you? Do they pull the coy, shy little touching and the smiles? It's all about the signs girls and this is one of the signs your roommate is interested in you. After all, why flirt if you aren't interested?

2 Subtle Touches

Small, soft little brushes of shoulders or even just gripping you when you are laughing or having a good time can all be signs that your roommate is into you – but you might not know it. Does your roommate constantly reach out and find some type of way to touch you? Does he or she find some way to be close to you?

3 Joking around

There are ways that you can joke around that aren't flirting and aren't at all signs that your roommate is into you, but if they are constantly joking around, constantly trying to make you laugh and constantly trying to poke some fun at you, that's definitely a sign that your roommate is into you! Who knows, maybe you are into them too!

4 There is Tension

Is there a fine line of tension? Sexual tension maybe between the both of you? That could definitely be a sign that he is into you! Who knows, maybe he feels the tension too. Maybe he feels that there is some bit of chemistry between the two of you, but you just haven't acted on it yet.

5 They Are Constantly Coming into Your Room

Are they constantly trying to get into your room? Are they constantly trying to hang out with you wherever you are? This could absolutely be a sign that they are totally into you! Just them being close to you all of the time can be something to watch out for!

6 They Are Always Trying to Get into Your Circle of Friends

Does your roommate try to worm his or her way into your circle of friends? When your friends come over, does your roommate make it a point to hang out with the entire lot of you? That's definitely a sign that they like you in a way that is more than just roommates!

7 Wants to Hang out All of the Time

Finally, does your roommate constantly want to hang out? Not just with your circle of friends, but also with you alone? Does he or she constantly want to tag along with you no matter where you are? Even just a trip to the grocery store? That's a sign! After all, who would want to hang around with you all of the time unless you are into them?

So girls, there you have it! All of my signs that your roommate is interested in you! Does your roommate display any of these signs? Share!

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