7 Fab Ways to Tell if Your Roommate is Interested in You ...


Looking for signs your roommate is interested in you can be extremely hard to see! You live with them, how are you supposed to know what signs your roommate is interested in you to look for? I know if I lived with a roommate, I'd be clueless as to what to look for! So, with that said, I've got all of the signs here, all of the top ways that you'll be able to tell if your roommate wants to be more than just a roommate!

1. Flirting

Do they constantly flirt with you? Guy or girl, do you constantly feel like they are flirting with you? Do they pull the coy, shy little touching and the smiles? It's all about the signs girls and this is one of the signs your roommate is interested in you. After all, why flirt if you aren't interested?

Subtle Touches


Charlotte Michelson
I may be interested in my roommate. I do all the things apart from touching. I'm not a big fan
Diana Marie Denza
Subtle touches is a good one! Great post.
Emma west
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
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