8 High School Flirting Tips You've Got to Read ...


8 High School Flirting Tips You've Got to Read ...
8 High School Flirting Tips You've Got to Read ...

High school flirting tips are so hard to come by, especially when your crush is not in any of your classes and you aren't able to be around him all the time! If you've ever looked online for high school flirting tips, they aren't very helpful are they? Well girls, whether you are looking to tease your crush or even just smile at him, these high school flirting tips will help rope your crush right in!

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Tease Him

The very first high school flirting tip that we have on the list is teasing! Just being a little snarky and a little sarcastic is a great way to really let him know the sassy side of you and let him know that you are playful and able to tease. Be careful though, you want to take this one lightly and don't get too snarky or sassy – as that can translate bad on you. Just keep it casual and light!


Playful banter is the key here; think of it as a sport where the aim is not to win but to enjoy the game. You might want to gently poke fun at something he's said or lightly challenge him on a topic you know he's passionate about. Remember the smile, it's your most important accessory; it diffuses any tension and shows your good intentions. As the laughter flows between you, the connection deepens – just be sure to watch for the line between playful and disrespectful and stay firmly on the fun side!


Keep the Eye Contact

Just because you don't have any classes with him doesn't mean that you can't stare at one another in the hallway! Making eye contact is very important when you are learning all of the high school flirting tips out there. Eye contact can lead to smiles which can lead to conversations. So flash those eyes at him and hold it!


Make the Guy Talk to You

You are probably wondering how to get the guy to talk to you right? Well teens, all you need to do is bump into him or even just flash a little smile, worm your way into his circle of friends. Getting a guy to talk to you might seem hard, but truthfully, as long as you do it right, it's easy!


Flash Your Pearly Whites

A smile can say so many words that you might not be able to say. When you smile, it makes you way more approachable and really lets the guy know that you are available. Trust me on this one girls, a guy wants to approach a girl that is smiling over a girl that is scowling.


Lean into Him during a Conversation

When the guy finally does approach you, a high school flirting tip that I used to use all of the time was leaning into him whenever I was talking to him. Just press in a little bit closer to him, even lean over him when you are close enough and you'll see just how much it makes a difference!


Touch Him

This high school flirting tip goes hand-in-hand with #5! All you need to do is touch him a little bit more, make sure that you have a hand on his shoulder, fingers running through his hair or even a hand on his arm. Touch him when you are talking to him or laughing with him. That way he'll know how to respond!



I think that laughing and giggling comes natural when you are in high school and you are around your crush, but this high school flirting tip is a standard! Laugh when something is half-way funny and giggle a lot. This will make him feel more at ease and will give him a little more confidence around you!


Touch Your Hair

Finally girls, another classic high school flirting tip that I used to use all of the time was constantly touching your hair. Wrap it around your finger, push it back, move it out of your eyes. It's an excuse for his eyes to travel a little bit and it makes you seem all that much more flirty!

So girls, what other high school flirting tips do you girls have to share? Any fool-proof ones that you've used in the past? High school is a hard time, but with high school flirting tips, it makes it easier to be around your crush!

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Hey so if someone could help me that would be great. I like this guy and I think he likes me as well but we are both really shy and we don't really talk. Is there a way that I can get him to say something first without me saying something. I try to talk to him but literally no words come out of my mouth. Ca someone please help me!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I really like a guy that is in my friend group but I haven\'t really talked to him. The other day a bunch of my friends and I wen\'t into Boston (we live close by) and i talked to him a bit there and got his snap chat though he never really makes an effort to make a conversion or anything. He always hangs out in the same spot before first period class and I would like some tips of how to get him to like me back! I get really socially awkward around guys I like :P Thanks!! :)

Hi @Heather Jensen so I really like this guy and we only have one class together and we sit right next to each other. He always smiles at me and we talk to each other like we're best friends. But there's this one girl that always gets in my way. She always flirts with him but she claims that she doesn't like him. What do I do??

I need a little help. I've never had a boyfriend or anything so I'm pretty clueless. There's this guy I like. He is a grade under me. He's sweet, cute, funny, talented, and a very interesting person. The only problem: he has a gf. They broke up and got back together recently, but I don't know if it'll last. This boy and I have become friends because we are in plays and stuff together. I play his wife in a musical. It started as a crush, but I really care about him. I don't want to try to flirt with a man who has a gf especially not if he doesn't reciprocate those feelings. I don't know if he does, but the week him and his gf were broken up he stared at me a lot and picked me up playfully during rehearsal (princess-style). His behavior stopped for a whole, however recently he's begun picking me up and draping his arm around my shoulders and stuff. We hug a lot. We talk and I'm cool with just being friend, but... I really like him. What do you think?

Hi heather hoping you could help me! So there's this popular guy that I never acknowledged and now he's in my English class and one day I caught him staring at me and our eyes met and I smiled and her smiled back then he bit his lip. The next day he wasn't at one if my friends said that he had a girlfriend and he did but on her Facebook it sounded like they broke up an the next day it also looked like they broke up. I'm so lost! Heather could you please help! thanks!!!

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