8 High School Flirting Tips You've Got to Read...


High school flirting tips are so hard to come by, especially when your crush is not in any of your classes and you aren't able to be around him all the time! If you've ever looked online for high school flirting tips, they aren't very helpful are they? Well girls, whether you are looking to tease your crush or even just smile at him, these high school flirting tips will help rope your crush right in!

1. Tease Him

The very first high school flirting tip that we have on the list is teasing! Just being a little snarky and a little sarcastic is a great way to really let him know the sassy side of you and let him know that you are playful and able to tease. Be careful though, you want to take this one lightly and don't get too snarky or sassy – as that can translate bad on you. Just keep it casual and light!

Keep the Eye Contact


There's this guy at my school, he keeps making long eye contact with me when we pass by each other in the hallway. We've never talked or had any classes together, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't even k...
Heather Jensen
Hi Tiffani! Have you tried to flirt with him? That's definitely a great way to really gain insight into him and for you to get to know him!
Hi. So I like this boy once I knew but we don't talk anymore and every time I see him he seems like he can remember me. What should I do?
Heather Jensen
Hi Rosa! I think that you need to just flirt a little more with him and maybe just bring up random subjects. Try to talk to him in person. Have you talked to him in person at all?
Heather Jensen
Sure! Have you tried any of the flirting tips above? They work! :)
Hey ok so there's this guy that I really like and he doesn't go to my school but he's kinda a player and I want him to like me!! Any tips
@Rosa smile at him in the hallway, say hi to him in class and tell people you like him
Heather Jensen
Hi Andrea! Truthfully, I think that you need to talk to him about his behavior. You shouldn't flirt with someone that has a girlfriend and he shouldn't be flirting with you.
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