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Best Sex Positions for Multiple Orgasms ...

By Sici

When it comes to the battle of the sexes and the advantages that each gets in this world, it is fair to say the men have it a lot better than women in pretty much every area of life (but we're working hard to change that !!!). That is, however, except in the bedroom! One of the best things that we have over our male counterparts is the ability to extend our sexual pleasure and experience multiple orgasms, but these aren’t something that you can just have with no effort put in! Here are some of the best sex positions for multiple orgasms.

1 Arc De Triomphe

With you on top, lean forward on your hands and arch your back while sitting on/in your partner’s face. This gives direct, focused stimulation and it also comfortable for you, so you won’t have to worry about keeping balance or anything when concentrating on your pleasure. You can buck your hips back and forth to hit the sweet spot!

2 Tease, Please

Slow and steady wins the race with this position! Have your partner lube up a finger and play around with you to build up your feelings of pleasure. Have them switch up the pressure and their speed and their focus areas and you will find that the sexual tension built up is just too much to handle for one orgasm alone!


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3 Princess and the Peen

Take some inspiration from the Princess and the Pea fairy tale by grabbing one or two pillows and place them underneath you as your partner penetrates you from behind. You will have the double pleasure of feeling his thrusts whilst at the same time being able to work your own groove by dry humping the cushions underneath you. Orgasms coming at you from all angles!

4 Flying V

If oral sex is the thing that gets you going the most, then the flying V is the position for you. Scoot your butt to the edge of the bed, couch, table, whatever, and have your partner go down on you kneeling directly in front of you. Being right on the edge of the surface allows your legs to fly wherever they want, and gives your partner more room to use their tongue and their hands to get you off!

5 Rag Doll

The rag doll position involves you laying on your side with a pillow under your head for comfort, and having your partner penetrate you with one leg underneath him and one leg over his thigh. It gives you the look of a rag doll, but it allows him to penetrate even deeper and grind you away to multiple orgasms.

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6 Toys

Pretty much any sexual position can be made to feel better and more intense with the introduction of toys! If you can stimulate your clitoris with a vibrator whilst simultaneously being penetrated by a partner, that’s a recipe for multiples upon multiples!

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