7 Amazing Standing Sex Positions ...

By Sici

If you are a regular human being, then the first images that probably come to your mind when thinking about sex are images involving laying down with someone, preferably on a bed. However, what about when you want to spice things up a little bit and try something different? One of the easiest ways to add a new dynamic is to try having sex standing up! Believe me, it’s not as difficult or weird as it might seem! Here are seven amazing standing sex positions that are sure to give you a good time.

1 Ballet Dancer

line art, clothing, face, woman, standing, This is a good one if both you and your partner are nice and flexible. You achieve it by standing on one foot, facing each other and locking your other leg around your companion for support. The raised leg nature of the position means that you are able to a deep deal of penetration for maximum satisfaction.

2 Wheelbarrow

line art, woman, leg, standing, footwear, A great way to have an orgasm and work on your arms at the same time! The wheelbarrow requires the woman to lean forwards on her hands as if about to do a handstand, and the guy comes in to hold your legs in place whilst he thrusts away to reach climax for the both of you. It’s just a dirty version of the old wheelbarrow race you used to do on school sports day!

3 Stand and Deliver

mammal, joint, fictional character, male, angel, If you are the kind of girl who can bend down and touch your toes, then this one is for you. Your man comes up behind you and has you double over, grabbing your arms to get leverage and position as he enters you. Your bent over body makes for the perfect penetration position.

4 Upstanding Citizen

joint, drawing, fictional character, hand, sketch, You have to rely on the strength of your man for this one, as he needs to hold you by the thighs whilst stood up, as you put your arms around his neck and have him enter you. The sensation of bouncing on him in mid-air is amazing.

5 Corkscrew

white, nose, joint, hand, drawing, This one involves standing perched on the edge of a bed or bench. You bend over and squeeze your thighs tightly together, allowing your partner the space to enter but also being able to stimulate your self with your close proximity to the bed edge. It’s pleasure from all angles!

6 Table Top

line art, white, cartoon, black and white, mammal, You get to lay down for this one, but your man has to do the standing! It brings a new sexy dimension when he stood over you, thrusting away, with his hands available to caress and squeeze anything else you desire.

7 Standing Oral

standing, line art, figure drawing, man, hand, Don’t underestimate the changing dynamic of giving oral when the person is stood up. Both you and your partner can take it in turns. What I will say is that it gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘going weak at the knees’!

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