5 Questions to Ask Your Partner That Lead to Better Sex ...


Whether you want to admit it or not, sex is always on people’s minds, both male and female! This can be even more the case if you are having sex that is not quite satisfying you. It can take up all of your thinking time, but it isn’t thinking that is the answer. The only way to achieve better sex and chemistry with a partner is to be brave and talk about it. Here are five questions that will lead to a better sex life.

1. What Are Your Favourite Sexual Experiences?

Talk to your partner about your previous experience, tell them about times that you loved, and the things that you did that really turned you on and excited you. It is important to frame this discussion not in such a way that it makes people jealous of old partners, but that it put kernels of ideas in your heads about things that you can try together in the future.

What is Your Ideal Sex Life?


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