5 Questions to Ask Your Partner That Lead to Better Sex ...

By Sici

Whether you want to admit it or not, sex is always on people’s minds, both male and female! This can be even more the case if you are having sex that is not quite satisfying you. It can take up all of your thinking time, but it isn’t thinking that is the answer. The only way to achieve better sex and chemistry with a partner is to be brave and talk about it. Here are five questions that will lead to a better sex life.

Table of contents:

  1. what are your favourite sexual experiences?
  2. what is your ideal sex life?
  3. what do you enjoy about our current sex life?
  4. is there anything you want to do more of?
  5. do you want to try something new?

1 What Are Your Favourite Sexual Experiences?

Talk to your partner about your previous experience, tell them about times that you loved, and the things that you did that really turned you on and excited you. It is important to frame this discussion not in such a way that it makes people jealous of old partners, but that it put kernels of ideas in your heads about things that you can try together in the future.

2 What is Your Ideal Sex Life?

It makes sense to talk about what both of your ideal sex lives look like, for example, how many times a week you want to do it, what kind of positions you like, what things you haven’t done that you would like to experiment with in the future. This creates a much more open culture and dynamic between the two of you.

3 What do You Enjoy about Our Current Sex Life?

When you can be open and honest with each other about the parts that you like the most about your current situation, then you can work to enhance all-round pleasure by doing more of that, and getting even better at it!

4 Is There Anything You Want to do More of?

Nothing can become reality unless you are brave enough to voice it. Go ahead, speak your truth! It is a safe zone between you and your partner, so you shouldn’t be scared or anxious about voicing what gives you the most pleasure and what you would like to be doing more of in the bedroom.

5 Do You Want to Try Something New?

There is no harm in asking if there is something that you or your partner haven’t done before, but that you want to try. It might transpire that you can’t come to an agreement about a certain thing, but the more open you are with each other, the more you might find that your secret desires overlap!

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