Best Positions for Sex on the Couch ...

By Sici

You see it in the movies and you see it in some of your favourite TV shows, but have you ever actually tried having sex on the couch? In theory, it can be super hot, but unlike the idealised versions on the big screen, there can sometimes be a little more work and thinking involved in making sure everyone is comfortable and into it! It’s something everyone should try at least one in their lives, to tick of the sexual bucket list. Here are some of the best positions for having sex on the couch.

Table of contents:

  1. the lazy boy
  2. the channel surfer
  3. the couch tease
  4. the vip section
  5. the greasy spoon

1 The Lazy Boy

If you’ve got a big reclining chair in your set up, get your partner to sit on it and recline that sucker back as far as it can go. Once he’s comfortable, climb on board and ride that wagon all the way home until you get what you came for, pun intended! He can hold on to your hips or your boobs to give you extra stability and make sure that you don’t fall off or over!

2 The Channel Surfer

You can do a halfway kind of doggy style by leaning up against your couch, facing the back of it, and having your partner enter you from behind. You will be able to hold on to the couch cushions for support, which will allow your boo to go as hard and as deep as you both want without the worry of getting off balance! For extra fun, you can prop a vibrator between yourself and a couch arm for double pleasure!

3 The Couch Tease

You can both sit on opposite ends of the couch and be really sexy and cheeky with each other, getting underneath a blanket and seeing what you can do with your hands and your feet. This one is much more about teasing than getting to the main act, but it’s something that you can do as a form of foreplay before moving on to one of the other positions suggested for the big finale!

4 The VIP Section

Use the couch as your own personal VIP section of a strip club, sitting your partner down and then straddling them to dance and grind away. You can take this nice and slow, starting with a lap dance and then moving on to sex in that same straddling position once you have finally managed to get all of your clothes off and are ready to get it done!

5 The Greasy Spoon

If you have a couch that is long and deep enough, you can have your partner lay behind you and enjoy a great, comfortable spooning session that gets hotter and heavier at the pace that you enjoy! It’s an easy position to sleep from foreplay to full-on penetration, and if you get your partner to put some lube on their fingers too, they can reach forward and stimulate you clitorally at the same time.

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