7 Actions of Men That Women Tend to Misinterpret ...


7 Actions of Men That Women Tend to Misinterpret ...
7 Actions of Men That Women Tend to Misinterpret ...

There are countless actions of men that are commonly misinterpreted by women. Every person is different, which makes it difficult to determine what someone means. It’s important to ask someone straight out if you’re confused about how they feel. In case you’re not sure what types of things are easily confused, here are a few actions of men that women tend to misinterpret the most.

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Friendliness Vs Flirtiness

Friendliness has become so uncommon in this world that we mistake it for flirtiness. If a man gives up his seat for you on a bus or compliments you whenever you talk, it doesn’t mean that he’s into you. Innocent friendliness is one of the actions of men that we have trouble grasping. Just because he’s being nice to you doesn’t mean that he likes you. He could just be a genuinely nice guy who treats everyone equally.


Quiet Equals Emotionless

Just because a guy is reluctant to express his emotions doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care. We like to hear a man tell us that he loves us and thinks we’re beautiful, but they don’t always love to say it. Pay attention to his actions. If he loves you, he shouldn’t have to tell you for you to know that it’s true. Sometimes, men are simply shy.


Wandering Eyes

If you catch your boyfriend glancing at another woman, don’t be too hard on him. If you see an attractive guy, don’t you look over? Even if someone isn’t attractive, our eyes tend to follow movement. Give him a break if you catch him once or twice. Of course, if he does it so often that it makes you uncomfortable, he deserves a talking to.


Physical Relationships

If your man always wants to get physical, it doesn’t mean that he loves you. We tend to connect the idea of love and sex, but they don’t always go together. Make sure that you talk to your partner about where your relationship is heading. You might think of him as your future husband, while he only thinks of you as just another girl. To avoid misinterpreting your relationship, make sure you discuss it with him.


Just Friends

In some cases, women believe that they’ve found a great guy friend to spend time with. He listens to her rants, tells her funny jokes, and helps her through her breakups. She might think that he’s being so nice to her because he’s a good friend, but he really wants to be her boyfriend. When she turns him down, he might be upset or annoyed. Either way, she could end up losing the friendship that she thought was unbreakable.


Buys Presents

Men can buy gifts for their girlfriends and wives when they feel guilty. It’s common for men who cheat on their significant others to shower them with presents. However, they could be making the purchases to be nice. A woman shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on new behavior. Her man might be aiming to make her happier.


Turning Her down

When a woman is turned down, her first thought is that she’s not wanted. However, a guy can turn a girl down for multiple reasons. He might not be ready to commit. He might be struggling to get over a recent breakup. The timing might not be right, and the relationship could work out in the future.

It’s easy to make mistakes when it comes to interpreting another person’s actions. Unless they tell you, it’s impossible to know what someone is thinking. Have you ever misinterpreted something a guy said or did?

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Omg gifts= cheating is it me or the world is changing

I need help there is this guy that I like and his name is Issac and he only has one class with me and sits by me at lunch and his twin sister has almost all our classes together what do I do

Number 1 is what I hate! I have a crush on this guy and he is super nice. The way he smiles at me makes me giddy but I wonder if thats all it is. Him just being nice. I wanna tell him don't smile at me unless you like me! Lol

@Liannabelle it's not that ! I'm actually worried that what if he comes back and starts liking me, It will ruin the friendship because I don't like him at all in that manner , I like someone else and he knows it, I don't want our friendship to get ruined because I know I won't ever like him like that

I'm not sure up but I think 5 is around the corner for me, my guy friend went to Boston for college and he comes back In December for a break and he keeps telling me, if I come back and don't find anyone to hook up with, we'll date I keep shrugging it off, but I wonder ..any help?

#1 goes both ways! I try to be nice to guys and some ask me out because they think I like them!

So true ..

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