7 Things Men Worry about as Much as Women do ...


7 Things Men Worry about as Much as Women do ...
7 Things Men Worry about as Much as Women do ...

You might not realize it, but there are things men worry about as much as we do. The opposite sex is not some foreign creature. We’re all human, so we all have the same set of worries. Here are a few things men worry about that we can all relate to.

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Acceptable Appearance

One of the biggest things men worry about is how their hair and clothes make them come across. Everyone wants to be considered attractive. Most men strive to look their best, even though their routine is probably shorter than yours is. He might not spend hours in front of the mirror, but he cares about the way he looks. Don’t let his nonchalance fool you.


Person of Interest

Men want the opposite sex (or same sex) to find them attractive. They worry about getting rejected, and they get first date jitters. If they’re in a relationship, they worry about whether their partner is happy or looking to leave. No-one wants to be broken up with or cheated on. Men share the same relationship worries that you do.


Joys of a Job

Since so much of the week is spent at work, it’s natural for him to be worried about his job. There are deadlines to meet and managers to please. Even if things at work are going well, he’ll worry about the number on his paycheck. Does he have enough to make it through the week? He has to find a way to budget his money, while still splurging on the finer things in life. It's always stressful trying to find a balance between making money and spending money.


Material Items

What kind of car does he drive? Does he share an apartment or have his own place? Men feel like they’re expected to have their life together, no matter how young they are. Everything from the type of phone they have to the brand of sneakers they wear can be scrutinized by others. They want to have the best of everything, because they feel like they’ll be judged if they don’t.


Watch Your Weight

Women aren’t the only ones that the media portrays unfairly. Men are expected to exercise frequently to get chiseled abs. They need muscles to prove how strong they are. If they don’t possess an athletic build, then they’re viewed as ‘unmanly.’ The way they feel they’re supposed to look is stressful for them, just like it is for us.


Lonely or Liked

Appearances aren’t everything. Personalities are another aspect that causes worry. Men wonder if they’re funny enough, if they’re smart enough, and if they’re tough enough. They don’t want to be ignored by fellow males or rejected by females. It’s natural to want to be liked. No one want to be alone in life.


Fuzzy Future

Will he ever find the perfect woman to marry? Will he have children? Will he secure his dream job? Everyone hopes that there is success in their future. It’s impossible for him to know what’s on the road ahead of him, so he‘s going to have doubts.

Men aren’t all that different from us. We’re all human, so we all have the same basic worries. Do you find yourself worried about any of the topics on this list?

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