12 Astrological Compatibility Tips for a Aquarius Sign ...


12 Astrological Compatibility Tips for a Aquarius Sign ...
12 Astrological Compatibility Tips for a Aquarius Sign ...

Learning all of the top astrological compatibility tips for an Aquarius sign is hard! All of you Aquarians are so amazing, but what happens when you get into a relationship? What are some of your best signs? Well, take a look at my top astrological compatibility tips for an Aquarius sign to find out!

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Aquarius & Aquarius

The first of 12 astrological compatibility tips for an Aquarius sign is what happens when an Aquarius and an Aquarius get together. Well, this is a relationship that focuses on nothing but the positive! Both personalities are typically active and outgoing and work really good under pressure. This match-up will get along beautifully however, Aquarians do have problems expressing their feelings and sharing ideas, so watch out!


Aquarius & Aries

If you're really looking for a match-up that is super creative and anything but dull, this is the relationship for you! These two signs make fantastic friends, but in a relationship they are even better! Both signs have a mutual admiration for each other, the Aries loves the unique Aquarius and the Aquarians love the Aries for their energy. Remember, in this pair up, it can be a little difficult to plan and the Aquarius can be too involved, while the Aries can be a little too unpredictable.


Aquarius & Taurus

This is a match up that is not only amazing, but they can actually move mountains if they wanted. They can really figure each other out in just the right way and are ideal together! One thing that you need to think about when you are in this type of relationship is that you are both super opinionated, so take care when you get into fights. While the Aquarius might feel pressure when the Taurus gets angry, the resolving the fights can be fun and you'll learn a lot about each other.


Aquarius & Gemini

The attraction in this amazing match-up is all going to boil down to the meeting of the minds. While there might not be a lot of romantic feelings in the beginning or physical attraction, you are both idealistic and need to be stimulated mentally. Problems might come up because you both live inside your head, so make sure that you both are physical with each other and don't forget the intimacy.


Aquarius & Cancer

Ah, this incredible pairing is very, very different but somehow, they are both fascinated by each other. An Aquarius needs to have air and space and independence, while the Cancer wants someone that needs closeness and needs to feel needed. The best part of this pairing? The Cancer will be able to offer warmth and affection to the Aquarius without anyone asking. The problem? Well, the Cancer can easily misread the distance and be hurt by it, so be careful with that!


Aquarius & Leo

While this relationship might be a little on the opposite side when it comes to priorities, there are some similar anchors in there too. Strength, pride and loyalty are just a few of the things that the Aquarius and the Leo share. The problems might come in when the stubbornness of both signs come into play. You both have the capabilities to create a stalemate in your relationship and this can be frustrating for both signs, so remember, someone has to give.


Aquarius & Virgo

If you are in love with a Virgo, you are actually one of the few signs that can get along with the Virgo. You are both people that hate chaos and both people that have a mutual respect for each others intelligence as well as the desire to understand life and people. You both have a really strong sense of responsibility and privacy, so you both understand the need for space. The problem? Well, you both will have a problem expressing deep emotions, so keep that in mind.


Aquarius and Virgo are both highly intellectual signs, and they are both known for their strong sense of responsibility and desire for privacy. They have a mutual respect and understanding of each other, which can make them great partners. However, their lack of emotional expression can be an issue. Aquarius is a sign of freedom, and Virgo is a sign of order, so they may clash when it comes to decision-making. Aquarius needs to give Virgo enough space to feel comfortable, and Virgo needs to understand Aquarius’ need for independence. With enough patience and understanding, they can make a great pair.


Aquarius & Libra

These signs are actually amazing together, as they are both air signs and understand each other on an astrological level. Even when the relationship is in heated moments, there is still love in your relationship. Neither of you are good at opening up with emotions though, so you have to be aware of that when you are in this pairing.


Aquarius & Scorpio

The Scorpio is one sign that loves super intense encounters and is great at expressing emotions, therefore they can actually help teach the Aquarian how to open up a little bit. Both of these signs are drawn together by their integrity and need for each other. The Aquarius will have to help the Scorpio know boundaries and that could be one of the biggest problems in this match up.


Aquarius & Capricorn

The great thing about this particular pairing is the fact that you both are super strong and self-sufficient people and signs. You both have a great respect for each other and you both will share a life of privacy and you both desire some type of structure in your life. The problem in this pairing? You both can't get caught up in structure and not express your emotions, remember that.


Aquarius & Pisces

This is a super powerful couple, not just in the attraction but also in the respect that this particular pairing is going to start out as a deep friendship filled with empathy and compassion. The Aquarius sign is all about reason, rationality and the civilized approach to life, while the Pisces is all about imagination and the fluid approach to life and relationships. This could be where the problems start – communication and misunderstanding. Keep watch on just how you both understand each other.


Aquarius & Sagittarius

Finally, the last pairing is all about restless and independence. These are signs that can both understand the need for breathing room as well as the respect for privacy. These particular signs also share a lot of ideals, spiritual concerns and they really want to build something out of their relationships. The problem? The heated debates that can happen in this pairing that can lead to a fight, eventually.

While relationships are all different, the signs can change too. These are just a base of what you can expect when you slip into a particular pairing. So, what type of sign pairing are you in right now? Share!

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Scorpio please!

I'm Aquarius dating a Libra and this is so true! Not good at opening up at ALL lol.

Aquarius❤️Capricorn, couldn't have been put better.

Sagittarius please!!!!!!!!! Plllleeaasssee!!!

@Sarah- Can you please explain to me why you are using my picture and name??!??!?

Ahem... Ok you're all gonna hate me but... How can you say that Scorpios are great at expressing their emotions when they're actually very secretive? They want to control, most of them don't like to be questioned about themselves, they often have a hard time explaining what they feel. So, saying that a Scorpio expresses his feelings very easily is like saying a Taurean is never jealous nor demonstrative - Taureans are "earthy" people, they need to feel safe in their relationships. They want to love and be loved and never have doubts about their partner. The BEST matches for Aquarians are Leo, Gemini, Aries and eventually Sagittarius and Libra even though there are some exceptions, Aquarians need to feel and show that they have their own space and freedom. Funny how this article is totally different from real zodiac interpretations �


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