12 Astrological Compatibility Tips for a Cancer Sign ...

By Heather

Finding the right astrological compatibility tips for a Cancer is never easy, especially if you don't know exactly what signs you are compatible with! I've come up with a list of all of the astrological compatibility tips for a Cancer that really work and will let you know exactly what signs are going to work fab with your sign! That doesn't mean if you are a Cancer and a Gemini, it is going to be a disaster (actually, these two signs are amazing together!), but at least you know what you'll be getting yourself into!

1 Cancer & Cancer

One of the very first astrological compatibility tips for a Cancer is going to of course be a Cancer/Cancer relationship! These relationships are some of the best, as you understand the other person and you can intuit the emotional interest in your partner. This relationship is going to be very intense, with lots of mood-swings. When it's really good, it's good, but when it's bad, it can be really bad. Just remember that!

2 Cancer & Aries

Ah, the darling case of the Cancer and the Aries. These two signs are completely opposite. The Aries is a rash and brash type of sign, while the Cancer is typically a little more sensitive and emotional. This is why this can also be a great relationship because the Aries can pull the Cancer out of their emotions and really stimulate them. It's a great balance, but it will take time to get to know one another. Remember, Aries, you can't overrun the Cancer, just take your time to understand your partner's needs.

3 Cancer & Taurus

This combination of signs is actually pretty fantastic. Not only do both signs share a karmic tie, but they have a deep and mutual understanding of one another. Both signs are very nurturing and both are emotional. Both signs typically would want to stay at home rather than go out. This sign is truly a match made in heaven, as the Taurus does not like to bottle anything up, while the Cancer typically does.

4 Cancer & Gemini

The Cancer and Gemini signs are actually incredible together! Not only do they both love to laugh, but they are playful, family oriented and look for deep, meaningful friendships. The problem with this type of relationship? It all boils down to emotion. There are a lot of hot and cold spots in the relationship and the Cancer can become aloof, while the Gemini can become defensive. Take that to heart as you enter into this type of relationship!

5 Cancer & Leo

There are a lot of upsides to this particular match-up and they all boil down to creative needs and wants. Both the Cancers and the Leos love children, are very loyal friends and look for some type of creative outlet. The problem? The Cancer can be a sign that it typically introverted, while the Leo is an extrovert usually. Both can be demanding and both can be selfish. When things are good, things are great, but there could be some issues when it comes to the emotions and childlike behavior.

6 Cancer & Virgo

This match-up is actually pretty great, as both of the signs are very aware of each other's needs and wants and have a deep understanding of reassurance. They both are very familiar with the need for routine and both enjoy nurturing things. The downside to this match-up is that when stress hits, it can be very bad. Also, there can be a lot of criticism in this type of relationship if you aren't careful.

7 Cancer & Libra

The one common ground that these incredible signs share is all revolving around a safe and secure relationship. They want shared appreciation for beauty and luxury. While this match-up might be a little slow in the beginning, it will bloom into a beautiful relationship. This match will balance each other out in the emotions and it can be extremely loving!

8 Cancer & Scorpio

This pairing is extremely highly-charged with emotions. This is a great combination for sexual attraction as well as passion, but you need to be careful of one sign overruling the other. Both of these signs are concerned with the home front and both of them are looking for loyalty. This is definitely a great pairing, just watch out for the emotions!

9 Cancer & Sagittarius

This match is a fantastic love pairing! Not only does this pair allow each other time to grow and discover all sorts of things about each other, but the Sagittarius is a thrill-seeker, which can promote the Cancer to get outside of their comfort level. Early in the relationship, the Cancer might want a commitment, but stick it out, Sagittarius, and you'll see just how strong your Cancer partner is!

10 Cancer & Capricorn

This match is all about determination and work. The Capricorn is very focused in on logic and very down-to-earth, while the Cancer tends to be a bit more emotionally intense. Both signs are extremely into mutual respect, but they are opposite and that can be difficult to handle unless you work at it!

11 Cancer & Aquarius

Ah, the Cancer and Aquarius paring! There are a lot of upsides to this relationship and one of them is all about change! This pair is compassionate, very family oriented and really has a deep curiosity about people and about reality. The downside? Both signs tend to isolate and are very secretive with their feelings. It can be hard to build a lot of trust.

12 Cancer & Pisces

Finally we come to the Cancer and Pisces match up! This is actually a great match, as they are both extremely emotional signs and go-with-the-flow type of personalities. They are sentimental, romantic and both form a lot of bonds. The downside is, again, the trust. There can be a lot of secret resentments and emotions that don't get talked about. Once you overcome those hurdles, this match is ideal!

So, these are all of the tips for a Cancer and what types of signs and relationships a Cancer should be getting into! What other tips do you have for a Cancer? What signs have you been with?

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