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12 Astrological Compatibility Tips for a Sagittarius Sign ...

By Heather

Do you know exactly what astrological compatibility tips for a Sagittarius sign are out there? Do you know what signs work best with a Sag and which ones might be a little harder to be in a relationship with? Well girls and guys, I've got all of the top astrological compatibility tips for a Sagittarius sign that really do work and that can actually save you a lot of heartache! You ready to explore exactly what signs work for a Sag and what signs you might have to work at? Take a look below!

1 Sagittarius & Sagittarius

This incredible match is all about nature, all about engaging one another and all about the conversation and banter. When two Sagittarius signs get together, it's truly a match made in heaven! One of the best astrological compatibility tips for a Sagittarius sign to keep in mind when you are putting two Sags together is that it can develop in a few hotheaded fights. This can happen in any pairing, but you might experience it more with a Sag/Sag pairing, so keep that in mind and just try to understand each other!

2 Sagittarius & Virgo

This particular pairing is a true love-match and one that will result in a beautifully well-rounded relationship. The Sagittarius is a sign that absolutely loves to explore and loves to socialize, while the Virgo absolutely loves to figure out the Sagittarian's discoveries. They both enjoy the subject of each other and of themselves. The Virgo might demand a bit of perfection though, while the Sagittarius might not appreciate the demands, so keep that in mind!

3 Sagittarius & Leo

These two signs are a match made in heaven! This love match is all about fireworks, as they are both signs that love to enjoy life and they are both extremely dynamic. The Sagittarius is a sign that wants to encourage whomever they are with and they are a sign that wants to get out and explore – so is the Leo! Both signs are fun to be around and when you get them together, they are amazing!

4 Sagittarius & Cancer

In this particular pairing, you are going to need a lot of time to grow together and to really get to know each other. This particular pairing is a little harder than most, as the Sagittarius is a thrill seeker and the Cancer sign is a bit more satisfied by emotional support. The Sagittarius will have to learn to give the Cancer everything that they need, while the Cancer will need to make more of a commitment to the Sagittarius.

5 Sagittarius & Aquarius

The thing that makes this particular relationship work is the competition in the relationship. There is never, ever a dull moment in this relationship but they are still great friends and have a romantic side to them. These two signs have the ability to communicate really well together, which is rare too!

6 Sagittarius & Pisces

This is a pairing that is opposite in some aspects, but that doesn't seem to matter, as this pairing is great! The Pisces is a sign that adapts really easily to a lot and the Sagittarius is very versatile and super outgoing. This is a relationship that is packed with understanding and self-awareness of each other's flaws and weaknesses.

7 Sagittarius & Gemini

This is a match that is made for the stars! These amazing signs are adorable together and any rough patches that they go through are easily talked out and super easy to resolve. This match might need some work in the physical sensations as the Gemini actually needs a lot of physical attention, while the Sag doesn't need as much.

8 Sagittarius & Taurus

This is a match that will be extremely lustful and oh-so-steamy, but you've really got to give yourself some time to understand the signs in this pairing. They both love everything about the sex, but while the Sagittarius thrives on the constant need to explore, the Taurus doesn't. They like security and aren't extremely outgoing.

9 Sagittarius & Aries

This love match is all about excitement and all about life experiences. Both of these signs want to experience everything and they really don't like to waste time just reading about things or looking at them, they want to go experience them. The Aries is always in a rush though and the Sagittarius is a little slower, so that can be a problem in the relationship that you'll have to watch out for.

10 Sagittarius & Libra

This is a pairing that is super harmonious and they both have a really deep understanding of one another. The Sagittarius, as you know, is an explorer and so is the Libra. The Libra is all about stimulating the senses and they really want to give themselves into a beautiful conversation and the Sagittarius loves that about the Libra. One thing, the Libra can be controlling and the Sagittarius can get their feelings hurt, so keep that in mind!

11 Sagittarius & Capricorn

This match might feel like they don't have a ton to gain from one another, but this match might just take some work. The Capricorn is known to be detail-oriented and passive, while the Sagittarius is known for going headfirst into things and really giving themselves into whatever they are going after. That's why this match might be hard, but so worth it!

12 Sagittarius & Scorpio

Finally, this last match up needs to slow down a little bit and really take the time to get to know each other on a deep and personal level. These signs can run right into intimacy right away, but truthfully, the patience to understand one another is going to be worth it. The Sagittarius could feel that they are too expected to do things, while the Scorpio can get frustrated by the Sagittarian's exploring. Keep that in mind!

Now that you know exactly what signs work and what doesn't, remember, it's also all about the person that you are with. Sometimes, they might not match up with their sign! Have you ever been on one of these types of relationships? Share!

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