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12 Astrological Matches for a Leo ...

By Heather

I bet you've been dying to figure out what astrological compatibility tips for a Leo are out there, right? With all of the different signs out there, it's really hard to tell exactly what sign you'll be compatible with! All you Leos out there, it's your turn to take a look at all of the astrological compatibility tips for a Leo! Below, we'll explore all of the different signs and how they relate to your sign!

1 Leo & Leo

Oh, a Leo & Leo relationship is definitely one of the best, however there can be a lot of clashing too. The sex drive will be extremely strong, both will be creative and there will be a lot of passion and romance, but with two fire signs, there can be a lot of ego clashing and selfish tendencies. Leos are typically a little on the arrogant side, and they prize their pride, so keep that in mind if you are dating another Leo! This is one of the many astrological compatibility tips for a Leo that we're going to explore today!

2 Leo & Aries

The Leo and the Aries couple is a match that is all about sportsmanship and competition. There is a lot of action in this relationship, but also, there can be a lot of taking. Both signs are dominant signs and the Aries could definitely be bothered by the flirting that the Leo is known to do. There is nothing that these two can't overcome though, it might just be a little difficult in the beginning.

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3 Leo & Taurus

The Taurus and the Leo are definitely one of the best matched signs out there, because they both need love and affection, and they each love attention! Both signs know exactly how to stroke each other's ego in just the right way. While they both know it can't be kittens and rainbows all of the time, they accept one another for who they are. The only downside? Both are stubborn signs that don't often like to give in.

4 Leo & Gemini

This match-up is amazing! Both signs really understand and 'get' one another in just the right way. There can be some conflicts when it comes to the Gemini wanting to constantly move and the Leo can often have their pride hurt by the Gemini's sharp tongue, but they both know they can work it out. These are bumps in the road. The love is strong in this type of relationship and the passion is high!

5 Leo & Cancer

This combination of signs is awesome. Not only because both signs are super loyal, but they are also super creative and have a personal bend of their own. Both the Cancer sign and the Leo sign have a playful little attitude and love to kiss, cuddle and PDA. The downside of this relationship? The Cancer can be a little introverted, while the Leo can be an extrovert. Keep that in mind!

6 Leo & Virgo

This match-up is actually very similar in the traits that you have. The Leo will gain a huge ego boost from the Virgo and the Virgo will gain a lot of specialized attention from the Leo. This relationship is all about being an attentive lover, a productive person and both signs have a very strong work ethic. There is a lot of potential for a long-term commitment with these signs!

7 Leo & Libra

This relationship is going to be filled with a romance that is extremely high. There is going to be an instant attraction, as both signs are looking for someone smart, someone sexual and someone that is passionate, which both of these signs are. The Libra is an intellectual while the Leo typically goes by their instinct. Both signs are extremely dramatic and extravagant, so that can be a good and a bad thing. This will be a fun relationship, but a little difficult too!

8 Leo & Scorpio

This relationship is a little difficult to be in. There is typically a lot of intensity, a lot of focus and a lot of passion, but remember, fire and water are opposite. If you are looking for a drama-filled relationship that is quite intense, this one is for you! It can work, but it'll take a lot of time and effort.

9 Leo & Sagittarius

These two signs together are an incredible match! Not only is the relationship going to be full of fireworks, but this relationship is going to be full of admiration and respect. Both of these signs are very charming, have an awesome energy and are super charismatic. Best match ever!

10 Leo & Capricorn

Another great combination is the Leo and Capricorn combination. Both of these signs are super loyal, have an awesome sense of humor and are high achievers. However, there is a downside: the boss factor. Both of these signs are pretty dominant and like to really be controlling. The Leo does not take well to being bossed around and neither does the Capricorn, so you may butt heads sometimes, but you still love each other!

11 Leo & Aquarius

The Leo and the Aquarius match-up is all about being adventurous, being artistic and being super personal and honest. The downside to this match-up? Well, the pride and stubbornness come into play. The Leo and Aquarius both are super stubborn and have a lot of pride, so the communication is something that you'll have to work on in this match-up!

12 Leo & Pisces

Finally, onto my very last (and favorite!) combination of signs. Why is the Leo and Pisces my favorite? Well, my partner (Lyndsie!) and I are a Leo and Pisces match-up! One thing that I can tell you is that is can be hard to be with someone that is opposite, but when it's good? It's great! The biggest struggle is fantasy vs. reality, selfish streaks and the sharp tongues that the Leos have. With us Pisceans, we're a little more reserved and are pretty emotionally, but not vocal about it. Be careful in this combination, but I can tell you, it works!

So, these are all of my compatibility tips for the Leo, what other tips do you have? What types of signs have you been with? Did I hit the nail on the head? Comment below!

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