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At Last the Signs You're Finally over Your Ex ...

By Neecey

Getting over a breakup is not easy. We know that. But with the pain should also come - eventually - the joy when you realize you got through it and are stronger and better for it. So when do you know you have and can say “I’m over my ex”?

1 No More Couple Jealousy

No More Couple Jealousy The first way of how to tell when you’re over your ex is that you can now look at other couples and not want to run home and cry.

2 No Longer Lonely

hair, blond, photography, hairstyle, snapshot, You are no longer upset or afraid of the fact that you come home to an empty apartment at the end of the day. In fact you might like it.


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3 No Photo Bother

No Photo Bother You no longer get upset by a photo of you and him together. He's just a familiar face now, not the love of your life.

4 Stopped FB Stalking

Stopped FB Stalking You know you’re over him when you stop tracking his every move on all of the different social media.

5 You’re Happy for Him

You’re Happy for Him You are actually genuinely happy for him when he moves on with another woman.

6 No Reunion Hopes

No Reunion Hopes You no longer fantasize about the possibility of the two of you getting back together.

7 Hurt is Gone

Hurt is Gone You find that you no longer hurt on daily basis as a result of the break up. Your mind has finally moved on from the heartbreak.

8 No Tears

Boo-hoo, You no longer find yourself crying anymore; especially at night just before you go to sleep.

9 Not in Your Thoughts

Not in Your Thoughts Your ex is no longer the first thing you think about when you wake and last thing you think about at night.

10 Happy Memories

Happy Memories You are now able to look back at the happy times you had together without getting sad about how it ended.

11 Not Waiting

Not Waiting You no longer sit around waiting for a text that you knew deep down was never going to come anyway.

12 Embrace Sadness

Embrace Sadness You have accepted and realized that it’s okay to be sad about it sometimes, that it is part of the final healing process.

13 Ready to Date

Ready to Date You have started to have thoughts about getting back in to the dating game and looking for someone new.

14 You’re Stronger

You’re Stronger You have come out on the other side and you feel like a stronger individual for what you went through.

15 Focus on Work

Focus on Work You have found that your focus on your work has begun to improve and reach a new level; probably because your break up haze has lifted.

16 Enjoying Activities

Enjoying Activities You actually enjoy your hobbies and other activities now, where straight after the break up they were more of a deliberate distraction.

17 Love Songs Galore

Love Songs Galore You can finally listen to love songs again without getting teary about the love that you once had.

18 Hope, Not Resentment

Hope, Not Resentment Your emotional state has turned from resentful of everything to hopeful about what the future might bring.

19 Not Your First Thought

Not Your First Thought Your ex is no longer the first person you think of to tell if something cool or funny happens to you.

20 Pillow Cuddles

Pillow Cuddles You cuddle pillows now simply because they are comfy to hug - not because you are pretending that they are your ex at night.

21 Happiness Realization

Happiness Realization You have finally accepted that it is better to be single and completely happy than in a relationship where there is always an argument.

22 No Instant Reactions

No Instant Reactions Your eyes no longer light up and your heart no longer skips a beat at the mention of his name. He is simply just a part of your past now.

23 Started to Forget

Started to Forget What were once your favorite memories as a couple have started to fade in your mind and become almost ghost like.

24 No Couples Costumes!

No Couples Costumes! When it comes to Halloween and parties, you no longer think about your costume in strictly a couple’s costumes sense; the world is now your oyster!

25 Happy to Be Single during Holidays

Happy to Be Single during Holidays The thought of being single during the holiday season or on Valentine's Day no longer terrifies you. In fact you find it quite liberating.

26 Cinema Doesn’t Equal Date Zone

Cinema Doesn’t Equal Date Zone You are now happy to go to the movies with friends and family because you no longer see it as a couple’s activity.

27 Rom-Com Away!

Rom-Com Away! You can sit back once again and enjoy a good rom-com without getting bitter about all of the happy endings.

28 Chocolate

Chocolate The sweet stuff is now your occasional friend. Not your salvation.

29 No Contact

No Contact You have finally stopped finding excuses to call him and ask for help with an appliance or to ask his advice. You now know that the past needs to stay in the past.

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