7 Awkward Things You do when You Have a Crush ...

You probably had or currently have a certain someone who you have ambiguous feelings for but won’t ever let him or her know about them, so instead you start doing things you do when you have a crush on someone, no matter how silly and irrational they may be. Don’t worry, we have all done it, but are just not willing to admit to it. I guess the infatuation just gets to us and we all end up doing the exact same things you do when you have a crush.

1. Overanalyze Their Actions

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You can’t really control the things you do when you have a crush on someone and sometimes it can drive us all insane. For example, the second you begin liking someone, you automatically start to read too much into their actions. You attempt to read their body language and search for any hidden messages whenever you have a conversation. And in the end you just give up, because with men you can never be too sure.

2. Act Different around Them

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As much as you try to keep your cool when you are around them, your heart beats faster when they are close to you and sometimes all of the thinking in your head makes you act awkward. Plus, aside from that, you become more aware of your posture and overall appearance, so being around your crush is a lot of hard work.

3. Regularly Visit Their Social Media

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Once you express interest in someone, you become a master at stalking his or her social media. You try to get to know more about them as much as you can, so you go through their pictures and see your mutual friends. It’s a little creepy but hey, everyone does it!

4. Express Interest in People He Talks to

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Ever notice how the second you admit to liking that person, you analyze everyone he or she talks to? I mean, you can actually learn a lot about a person from his of her friends, especially their best friends! However, once your crush engages in a conversation with the opposite sex, that’s when you begin to feel a little uncomfortable.

5. Overanalyze Your Own Actions

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Aside from overanalyzing your crush’s actions, it is very typical to overanalyze your own. You want to reply in the proper manner that’s engaging and funny but a little flirty, and behave in a way that hints at something without coming on too strong, so it can get a little complicated. But just act like yourself and everything else will come easy!

6. Check out Their Interests

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If your crush tells you about his or her favorite show or band, it is natural to be curious about their interests. Plus if you want to spark a conversation, it is better to know what you are talking about. Maybe this is why we always do our homework and often engage in the same interests as our love interests.

7. Constantly Check Your Phone

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When you are texting your crush, you constantly check your phone even if it doesn’t buzz. When you finally receive a text, you agonize over every word, emoji and punctuation mark. And when conversation comes to an end, you scroll back and re-read it all over again! But who am I kidding, who doesn’t do that?

At the early stages of liking someone, you end up doing some really awkward and weird things. But in some really abnormal way, this is actually normal! What do you catch yourself doing when you have a crush on someone?

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