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17 Ways to Flirt if Youre the Girl Whos Awkward AF ...

By Lyndsie

My flirting days are over, but I remember how awkward I was when I used to try. I mean, I was just terrible. I'm still awkward – and I lied, I flirt often and well with my wife, but that's just because she finds my awkwardness appealing. You'll find someone whose awkward fits with yours, too, I promise. In the meantime, try these flirting tips. They ought to help, even if you're awkward AF.

Table of contents:

  1. Counteract your awkwardness with confidence
  2. Try to slip in some great conversation
  3. Eye contact is important …
  4. … but not too much
  5. Strategically place yourself in a hottie's vicinity
  6. Ask an easy question to get things going
  7. Bring out the pearly whites
  8. Don't stress too much
  9. Embrace your awkwardness
  10. Let your quirks shine
  11. Bring up something funny
  12. You can get a little close
  13. Try some light teasing
  14. Play coy if you can
  15. Get a little chummy
  16. Be yourself – fully
  17. ...even if it is awkward, talk as much as possible

1 Counteract Your Awkwardness with Confidence

And if you have to fake it 'til you make it, that's cool. When you're confident, everyone tends to believe it.

2 Try to Slip in Some Great Conversation

You know interesting things, right? You might hate small talk, but that's all good. Use your weird trivia tidbits as conversation starters.

3 Eye Contact is Important …

Hard, but important. Practice in the mirror, or with your BFF.

4 … but Not Too Much

Practice this, too. Or, rather, practice not doing this. You don't want to come off like a creeper.

5 Strategically Place Yourself in a Hottie's Vicinity

Interested in somebody? Pretend you're a chess piece. Edge closer, put yourself in your crush's line of sight – but again, don't be creepy!

6 Ask an Easy Question to Get Things Going

Make sure it's open-ended, too. Try to avoid yes or no question.

7 Bring out the Pearly Whites

Flash that smile! That's actually an excellent way to give yourself a quick confidence boost, too.

8 Don't Stress Too Much

It's not a big deal. None of this is the end of the world. Try to stay relaxed. It makes everything so much easier.

9 Embrace Your Awkwardness

You need to be totally cool with who you are. Make your awkwardness work for you. Find your groove.

10 Let Your Quirks Shine

They're more interesting than you think they are. Yep, other people will think so, too.

11 Bring up Something Funny

Anecdotes are pretty awesome. It's also the perfect way to embrace your awkwardness because you probably have some stories that highlight it.

12 You Can Get a Little Close

It's a body language thing. Don't cross any personal boundaries, but you can use your angles.

13 Try Some Light Teasing

Make it very, very light, though, and don't go overboard. You should also wait a while, until you're in a flowing, comfortable conversation.

14 Play Coy if You Can

Nothing outlandish, but sometimes if you let your crush catch you looking, then look away, it's a clear sign of interest. You can flirt without having to say anything.

15 Get a Little Chummy

Play around, give your crush a hard time – whatever feels comfortable

16 Be Yourself – Fully

Remember what I said: embrace your awkwardness. It's yours.

17 ...even if It is Awkward, Talk as Much as Possible

Well, converse as much as possible, keep the conversation going as long as possible. Sometimes you have to push yourself.

What's the most awkward thing you've ever done when you were trying to flirt?

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