7 Childish Things Men do when They're Crushing on You ...


It's not always easy to let someone know that you have feelings for them. That's why some men might revert to acting like children when they develop a crush on you. You make them nervous, so they can't think of any other way to act. Here are some ways a grown man with a crush will act like a kid on a playground:

1. He Brags

Is he always bragging about how great he is at baseball and how many women are into him? That might just be his personality, but if it's not, it's a huge sign that he's interested in you. He wants you to see just how awesome he is so that you'll start to develop feelings for him. It's not a great method, but he thinks it'll work.

He Stares


Angelica Holguin
Wow this boy has been doing exactly all of that to me
Tots right
He used to do this.. Know we are complete strangers...
Francesca Rose
This is happening to me, he stares at me a lot and he looks from afar and I was first creeped out, but he eventually we spoke just last weekend and I am starting to think differently about him. One th...
My guy friend says he can do three girls at a time
My bf used to do that . Miss him :(
Vivian, the number one thing you should do when he looks at you is smile and make eye contact!
Viivian Laes
A guy from my class does all of that except the last one . I kind of like him to , so what should I do ?
Sara Maldonado
Haha my best guy friend does all of those !
A guy in one of my classes looks at me a lot, but never talks to me.πŸ˜•
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