7 Childish Things Men do when They're Crushing on You ...


7 Childish Things Men do when They're Crushing on You ...
7 Childish Things Men do when They're Crushing on You ...

It's not always easy to let someone know that you have feelings for them. That's why some men might revert to acting like children when they develop a crush on you. You make them nervous, so they can't think of any other way to act. Here are some ways a grown man with a crush will act like a kid on a playground:

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He Brags

Is he always bragging about how great he is at baseball and how many women are into him? That might just be his personality, but if it's not, it's a huge sign that he's interested in you. He wants you to see just how awesome he is so that you'll start to develop feelings for him. It's not a great method, but he thinks it'll work.


When a guy starts to inflate his accomplishments and flaunt his successes, take notice. It could be a sign that he's trying to impress you with tales of his prowess—be it on the sports field, in his career, or his popularity. While it might come off as a bit childish or even egotistical, remember he's likely doing it because he wants you to see him in a certain light. If he's puffing up his feathers like a proud peacock, it's a fair bet you're the reason why.


He Stares

If he's shy, he might not approach you at all. He'll just stare at you from across the room, hoping that you notice he finds you attractive. Of course, this method usually comes across more creepy than cute. But if you know a guy is shy, and he's always looking your way, you might have to be the one to walk up to him.


Shy guys are often too intimidated to approach a woman they are crushing on. Instead, they will stare at her from across the room, hoping that she notices him. This behavior may come across as creepy rather than cute, so it’s important to be aware of the signs. A shy guy may look away quickly when you catch him staring, or he may blush or smile when you make eye contact. He may also become more animated when you’re around or try to stay close to you in social settings. If you’re interested, you may have to take the initiative and make the first move.

Frequently asked questions

A man might show he's crushing on you by teasing you a lot, trying to make you laugh, or acting a bit shy and nervous around you. He might also text you a lot or try to find reasons to be where you are.

Yes, men can act differently when they have a crush. They might become chattier, show off, pay extra attention to you, or even playfully argue with you more than they do with others.

Men might do childish things when they like someone because they're trying to get attention or feel nervous and don't know how to act. Acting playful or silly can also be a way to hide their true feelings.

Yes, it's common for men of all ages to revert to youthful behaviors when they have a crush, as this can be a natural response to the excitement and nerves they feel.

Not necessarily. If a man acts childish around you, it could be a sign he likes you and is trying to connect in a lighthearted way. However, it's important to make sure his behavior is respectful and appropriate.


He Makes Fun of You

Does he make fun of the way you talk and your love for Benedict Cumberbatch? If he's teasing you in a playful way, then he definitely likes you. Think about little boys who push down the girl that they have a crush on. It's the same idea.


It's a common sign that a man is interested in you when he teases you in a playful way. While it may seem like an immature thing to do, it's actually a sign of attraction. It's similar to the way little boys act when they have a crush on a girl. They may push her down or tease her in a lighthearted and playful way.

When a man teases you, it can be a sign that he's trying to get your attention and show you that he's interested. He may make fun of the way you talk, your hobbies, or even your taste in music. It's his way of flirting and showing you that he's interested.

It's important to remember that teasing isn't always a sign of interest. If the teasing is mean-spirited or hurtful, it may be a sign that he's not interested in you. It's important to pay attention to the way he's teasing you and how you feel when he does it.


He Puts down Other Men

It's childish for a man to point out another man's flaws, but it'll happen. If someone likes you, then they won't want to hear you talking highly about any other men that you know. In order to assure that you won't do something stupid like date those men, a guy that likes you will tell you nasty stories about him. He wants you all to himself.


In addition to putting down other men, a guy who has a crush on you might also try to make himself look better by bragging or exaggerating his accomplishments. He might also try to impress you by showing off his material possessions or constantly talking about his job or salary. This behavior stems from a desire to prove himself as a worthy partner and to gain your attention and admiration. However, it can come across as immature and insecure. It's important to recognize these actions as signs of a potential crush and to communicate openly and honestly with the person to avoid any misunderstandings.


He Tells Dirty Jokes

Sometimes dirty jokes are funny. A lot of the time, they're inappropriate. If a man tells you dirty jokes, it's because his mind is thinking about one thing. He wants sex to be on your mind as well, and he thinks that telling a dirty joke about it will do the trick.


When a man is crushing on you, he might do some childish things to try to get your attention. One of those things is telling dirty jokes. While these jokes may be funny, they're usually inappropriate and can make you uncomfortable. He's hoping that by telling you these jokes, it will make you think of sex and make you more interested in him.

While some men may think that this is a good way to get your attention, it can actually be quite off-putting. If a man is crushing on you, it's best to let him know that you don't appreciate this kind of humour. That way, he'll know that you don't find it funny and that you're not interested in this type of behaviour.

Another way a man may try to get your attention is by teasing you. While teasing can be fun and flirty, it can also be inappropriate and offensive. If a man is teasing you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, it's important to let him know that it's not okay.


He Fidgets

Even if the man you're talking to sounds confident, he might actually be freaking out in his head. To figure out if he's nervous, look at his hands. Is he fidgeting with his hands? Does he have trouble keeping eye contact? If he does, then he must be nervous around you.


In addition to fidgeting, another sign that a man may be crushing on you is if he becomes more playful and childlike around you. This could manifest in various ways, such as teasing or joking around, making silly faces or noises, or even wanting to play games or engage in playful activities. This behavior can stem from a desire to impress and make you laugh, as well as a way to release nervous energy. It's also a way for him to show his fun and carefree side, which he may not display in front of others. So, if you notice a man acting more childlike around you, it could be a clear indication of his feelings for you.


He Tickles You

It's not surprising that men like to get physical. If he can't kiss you, then he's going to try to touch you in some other way. He might tickle you when he's in a playful mood or touch the small of your back when you're walking together. If he takes any opportunity he can to touch you, then he's definitely interested in being more than friends.

Men are confusing, but if you take a few moments to really think about the way they think, they're easier to understand. They don't always flirt like we do, but they have specific methods. Has a man ever done any of these things to try to flirt with you?


When a man is crushing on you, he may act in a way that is not necessarily typical for him. Men can be surprisingly childish when they are interested in someone, and may do things that are out of character. One such thing is tickling. If he can't kiss you, he might try to touch you in other ways, such as tickling. This is his way of being playful and showing his interest.

Another sign of a man's interest is if he takes any opportunity to touch you. This could be a gentle touch on your shoulder when talking, or a hand on the small of your back when walking together. It is a sign that he wants to be more than just friends.

Men can also be flirty without speaking. If he is always looking your way and making eye contact, it is a sign that he is interested. He may also try to be close to you, or try to make you laugh. If he is always standing close to you in a group, it is a sign that he is trying to get your attention.

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He does all of those things to me. Now I get why he seems so immature me. I guess its just a guy thing, but we do have a child together though 😊

My bf used to do that . Miss him :(

He used to do this.. Know we are complete strangers...

Haha my best guy friend does all of those !

Tots right

If the staring is weird I would just think he a complete creep

Vivian, the number one thing you should do when he looks at you is smile and make eye contact!

For #1 he brags to other people a lot but he doesn't really brag to me maybe once or twice

A guy in one of my classes looks at me a lot, but never talks to me.😕

A guy from my class does all of that except the last one . I kind of like him to , so what should I do ?

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