8 Beauty and the Beast Love Tips for Guys Who Want to Get a Girl out of Their League ...


Dear readers, I know this post is addressed to men and it is no mistake. You know how clueless boys can be sometimes, so let's help them out and give them essential tips on winning over a girl even if she is beyond their imagination. Beauty and The Beast is out now - check out the awesome trailer - and it is basically a hand book for guys who are not feeling particularly hot or great to winning a girl out of their league. Guys who follow these tips are sure to win their Belle.

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Be Somewhat Mysterious

musical theatre, Do you remember just how long it took for Belle to find out who owned the grand castle, and then even longer to find out details and history of Beast’s life? An air of mystery in a blossoming friendship or relationship inspires the person to want to spend more time with you, to find out more about you and become a part of your exclusive feeling world.


Don’t Be Afraid to Be a Little Brooding

red, cartoon, anime, screenshot, illustration, From examples in literature and movies like the Beast and others like Heathcliff and even Mr Darcy, it is clear to see that some women are attracted to guys who are a little brooding and moody. There is something about that personality type that makes us want to become part of their lives, perhaps in order to make them feel better, or perhaps because there is an air of danger that turns us on!


It is true that some women find the brooding and moody type attractive, and this can be seen in characters such as the Beast, Heathcliff and Mr. Darcy. The appeal of this type of personality is often rooted in the idea of being able to “fix” someone, or the air of danger that can be associated with it.

However, it is important to understand that being brooding and moody should not be confused with being rude, aggressive, or disrespectful. While a certain level of mystery can be attractive, it is important to remember to be respectful and courteous at all times.

When trying to attract a woman out of your league, it is important to remember that confidence is key. Showing a woman that you are confident in yourself and your abilities will go a long way in making her feel comfortable and secure. It is also important to remember that a woman is not a prize to be won, but rather someone to be respected and appreciated.


Be Unpredictable

cartoon, play, anime, illustration, The sealing deal for Belle and Beast on their way to falling in love was that fact that despite his appearance and Belle’s initial assumptions, Beast proved to be very unpredictable in the way that he treated her. You can take a leaf out of his book and insert some unpredictability in to your own relationship: things like surprise outings and simple out of the blue compliments go a long way!


Be a Chivalrous Gentleman

night, screenshot, musical theatre, illustration, Surprise the woman that you think is so out of your league by exercising the most chivalrous of manners and behavior around her. Make her see a different side to you as you treat her like a complete princess without ever compromising your masculinity, she will soon be head over heels for you!


Don’t Be Afraid to Be Vulnerable

cartoon, anime, screenshot, illustration, mangaka, Did you notice that Belle only told the Beast that she was in love with him when he was at his most vulnerable after a savage battle with Gaston? Women love it when they can see your vulnerable side. It makes you seem much more human to them at times when you are being humble and self-aware, so don’t be so macho like Gaston was all the time; it’s not a good look!


Belle and the Beast is a classic love story that has been retold and reimagined many times over the years. It’s a tale of love, courage, and transformation that has inspired many people. In the story, Belle is a beautiful and intelligent young woman who is held captive by a beast. Despite his monstrous exterior, Belle eventually falls in love with the Beast and helps him to become a better person.

The Beast's transformation is a result of Belle's ability to see past his physical appearance and recognize the person he truly is. Similarly, when it comes to love, men should not be afraid to be vulnerable. Women are attracted to those who can show their vulnerable side and be open and honest about their feelings. It's important to not be overly macho like Gaston, because it's not a good look.

Men should also be confident and not be afraid to take risks. Just like Belle, women are drawn to those who are brave and take initiative. It's important to be yourself and not try to be someone you're not.


Show That You Are Proud of Her

Zhouzhuang, cartoon, anime, screenshot, games, Beast showed Belle that he was proud of her in many different ways, from allowing her access to the amazing library to finally making the sacrifice of letting her go to save her father. Take every opportunity you can to show your love interest that you are proud of her too, and she will appreciate the attention and show of faith.


Showing someone that you are proud of them is a great way to demonstrate your love and appreciation. It is especially important when your love interest is out of your league. Beauty and the Beast is a classic example of a love story that demonstrates this concept. Beast showed Belle that he was proud of her in many different ways. He allowed her access to his amazing library, and he ultimately made the ultimate sacrifice of letting her go to save her father.

Guys who want to show their love interest that they are proud of her should take every opportunity to do so. This could include small gestures such as writing a kind note or buying her a small gift when she accomplishes something. It could also include taking her out on a special date and telling her how proud you are of her. Other ways to show your pride in her include telling her how much you admire her, praising her accomplishments, and encouraging her to pursue her dreams.


Be Very Generous

person, cartoon, organ, interaction, What, Going back to the scene where Beast renovates the library for Belle, that is a labor of love that shows him to be a very generous man who wants to do something amazing to make the woman he loves feel good. I’m not saying you have to buy your girl an entire library, but definitely make her feel loved with your own brand of generosity!


Be Adaptable to Change

cartoon, nose, pink, mouth, head, This is perhaps the most important love tip of all. You need to be open to changing for the person that you love. Belle helped the Beast become the man that he always wanted to be, and if you open yourself up to your girl and show her that you are willing to change some of your ways to win her over, then you will stand a great chance.

Ladies, please pitch in with your essential advice in the comments section and don't forget to share this with all your male friends and maybe siblings who could definitely use our wisdom 😉!

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Have him put some cologne on his hands and when he holds hands with her she will get it on her hands and wrists. Every time she brings her hands close to her face she will smell it and think of him. This trick also works for girls and perfume.


Tbh watch the movie. It's literally the best thing ever. Btw Beast is way hotter as the beast than he is as a man lol.

@Paul that is a nice suggestion. It does work! I love ut when his perfume sticks to my hands. I love it when he secretly spray his perfume on my things haha

@Paul ah! This is a great one! Thanks, Paul! 👍🏻👏🏻

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