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8 Best Sex Toys to Keep Your Relationship Hot ...

By Heather

Best Sex Toys are sometimes considered taboo in a lot of relationships. Did you know that some of the best sex toys out there can actually keep your relationship hot? Well ladies, below, I'm going to go over the top 8 best sex toys that will heat up your bedroom and make your relationship so much stronger!

Table of contents:

  1. Sexy soft red fuzzy handcuffs
  2. Finger grip pin point vibe
  3. Nina hartley's making love to women adult sex toy kit
  4. California exotics travel kit
  5. Xxxopoly - adult board games
  6. Play pen edible body paint
  7. System jo watermelon personal lubricant
  8. Dream essentials snooz silky soft eye mask

1 Sexy Soft Red Fuzzy Handcuffs

Price: $0.79 at
These are some of the best sex toys to get you and your partner started. After all, you want to have a starting point right? You can use handcuffs in all kinds of different ways. Whether it is handcuffing them to the bed, to the couch or even to a chair – just remember, keep the key handy!

2 Finger Grip Pin Point Vibe

Price: $14.95 at
Even though vibrators are taboo in tons of relationships, a girl has got to have something right? Guys, this doesn't replace you, but – it does make your girlfriend happy. This little vibe is absolutely one of the best and it's small and compact, perfect for taking with you on those romantic getaways for you to use with your partner!

3 Nina Hartley's Making Love to Women Adult Sex Toy Kit

Price: $49.99 at
This is one of those kits that can be used by both of you and it's a great start to get into some of the best sex toys. This little kit has two vibrators and even a DVD. If you are feeling frisky, this might be just the kit that your partner will love to use with you!

4 California Exotics Travel Kit

Price: $49.99 at
This is one of those kits that can travel anywhere with you. It's definitely a great intro kit for any woman looking to break into the best sex toys to try with her partner. It's got a mixture of vibrators and plugs for you to try together!

5 XXXopoly - Adult Board Games

Price: $32.95 at
If you are thinking that vibes might not be the best course for you and your spouse, what about an X-rated board game? X-rated board games are some of the best sex toys out there and can actually expand your imagination too. This one is absolutely one of my favorites!

6 Play Pen Edible Body Paint

Price: $5.36 at
You don't have to be an artist to paint – especially with these edible body paint sticks. These sticks are truly great to use anywhere and they wash off, so don't limit yourself!

7 System JO Watermelon Personal Lubricant

Price: $23.99 at
Even if you aren't having problems down under, a little bit of this can do wonders! You've seen those KY commercials right? Well, this stuff is actually watermelon flavored and it's a great little toy for you and your spouse to try out!

8 Dream Essentials Snooz Silky Soft Eye Mask

Price: $1.98 at
Finally, the very first sex toy that I ever brought – an eye mask. While I might have used it for a while as an actual eye mask to keep the light out, it makes a great blindfold! This is a little toy that can truly help open up your imagination in so many different ways!

Some of the best sex toys can be something simple and small! Take the eye mask for example, who would've thought that this would be a sex toy? So ladies, it's time to dish, what some of the best sex toys that you've used?

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