7 Best Times to Be Kissed by Your Partner ...


If you've ever had a romantic partner, you already know the best times to be kissed. It’s always special if it’s with the one you love, but some times are admittedly better than others. Let's see if you all agree on these best times to be kissed:

1. When Saying Goodbye

When you know you won’t see your partner for a while, leaving them is torturous. Your last few minutes together will involve a lot of hugging and kissing. You never want the moment to end, so you aim to make it as special as possible. It’s one of the best times to be kissed, because it’s what has to hold you over for the next few weeks, and you have to make it memorable.

While Hidden Away


i got kissed by my actual boyfriend in the theater.It was so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's cute ideas
In the car?? What about The Vow??!?
Its wonderful to have someone to kiss, kissing the way to show that special someone you love them! Now i miss someone that use to say he loves kissing, and would always give me so many tender loved fi...
Lol little weird but ok
Mrs King
I totally agree and whilst reading all the scenarios I remembered kissing in such situations!!! There is definitely an extra spark of attraction.... Wow can't wait to kiss in such circumstances again!!!!
I got kissed on a roof top exactly when the fire works started on 4 of July! I have to say it was quite perfect
I totally agree 👏👏
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