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7 Ways Guys Say I Love You without Actually Saying It ...

By Paula

Sometimes men can be so hard to read, and if you're wondering whether your man loves you or not, you probably need to know about the ways guys say I love you. Ladies, they're not like us (well, most of them) and they don't always come out with how they feel. But if you know the subtle signs to spot, you'll notice some of the ways guys say I love you that will just melt your heart!

1 He Helps You out

Is your man always by your side when you need help with a DIY project, or even just an extra pair of hands to carry the groceries? If so, then the chances are, he loves you! Why would you waste your time helping out somebody you don't care about? If he drops everything to be with you when you need him, then he is surely smitten; this is one of the ways guys say I love you that is easiest to spot!

2 He Calls/texts You to Say Goodnight

A goodnight or good morning text is sweet - it means he's thinking about you last thing before he goes to sleep and first thing when he wakes up. Of course, if you've only just started dating it might be a little too early for love, but you're on the right track!

3 He Makes an Effort

A man who loves you will naturally want to impress you and make you happy - so he'll make an effort! Of course, this is different for everyone; he could dress nicely, go out of his way to make date plans, spend time with you when you're sick or just be extra-nice to your friends. If he does any of these things, he either loves you or he soon will!

4 He's Always Thinking of You

If your boyfriend drops round with a bunch of flowers, a bar of your favorite chocolate or a book he saw that he just knew you'd like, then it must be love! Little tokens of affection show that you're in his thoughts, and he's taken the time to show you how much you mean to him. It doesn't matter how much money he's spent - even a wild flower picked from a field on the way to your house is a really sweet gesture that shows he cares.

5 He Cancels Plans with the Guys

So it's a Saturday night, and you know your man has been looking forward to a guys night out - he's talked about little else all week! You're just not feeling good though, and you'd love to stay home and watch movies cuddled on the couch. If he says he'll rearrange his plans and would rather stay home to look after you, then he really loves you! Of course, whining and nagging that you don't want him to go might give you the same end result, but that's not a good way to approach your relationship.

6 He Includes You in His Plans

Plans don't have to be for 5 or 10 years in the future - what about your plans as a couple for next week? If he's constantly referring to future plans using the word, 'we', then the chances are he's head over heels in love. Planning date nights in the future means he sees you as an important part of his life. If all his sentences start with the words, 'I'm going to...' then beware, he might not be in love with you just yet - or he might not even be ready for a relationship!

7 He Tells You He Loves You

Whilst men aren't known for expressing their emotions, most guys will find the right moment to tell you that they love you. How you handle it is very important - of course, if you love him then tell him straight back! But if you don't, yet, then be gentle with his feelings and give him a big hug- it probably took a lot of courage for him to tell you that!

Guys will always say that women are much more complicated than men, but I'm sure you know that's not usually true. Sometimes, it can be so hard to read your man and figure out how he's feeling, but hopefully some of these ways he says I love you will help you to feel loved and appreciated. I know I've learned that men aren't always as verbal about their feelings, and that it's important to look at his actions as well as his words. What are some of the ways your guy tells you he loves you?

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