5 Body Language Signs That Reveal His True Feelings towards You ...


5 Body Language Signs That Reveal His True Feelings towards You ...
5 Body Language Signs That Reveal His True Feelings towards You ...

Whether you are aware of body language signs or not, they are a scientifically proven part of communication process. When suddenly words become chaotic and hard to understand, supporting body movements help us express ourselves better.

However, body sings are not always direct, they might send mixed signals depending on the occasion, setting, health issues, nervousness and most importantly, peculiarities of the person next to you.

Taking that into account, here are the five body language signs that will turn you into a human lie detector and tell what's truly on his mind.

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His Smile - Genuine or Not?

blue, man, chin, black hair, cool, Smiles tender our souls, but not all smiles are a sign of fondness. A genuine smile can be easily faked. The cheap difference is that an authentic smile crinkles tightly and reaches the eyes. On the other hand, a fake smile stops at the lips.


Often called the Duchenne smile, after the neurologist who identified it, this true grin involves the simultaneous contraction of two facial muscles: the zygomatic major (pulling up the corners of the lips) and the orbicularis oculi (raising the cheekbones and producing crow's feet around the eyes). It's the latter that's hard to imitate. So watch for the crinkles at the corners of his eyes. They're the silent giveaway of his genuine happiness to be around you. And remember, the speed of his smile matters, too—a slow spread is a sign he's truly delighted.


His Sitting Position

product, interaction, socialite, girl, professional, By reducing the distances, he’s moving into your space. His body is letting you know that he’s open to you on atomic level. However, if his body is moving backwards, then he isn’t interested in sharing an intimate space with you or anything else for that matter.


If he leans forward with his shoulders directed towards you, he's signaling engagement and a desire to be closer. On the other hand, crossed arms might suggest he's setting a barrier or feeling defensive. Watch for his legs too; if they are pointing in your direction, it's as if his subconscious is aligning him with his interest – you. But if you notice him constantly shifting or his feet are angled away, he may be preparing for a quick escape, indicating a lack of genuine interest or comfort in the current interaction.


His Legs - Open, Crossed?

suit, sitting, gentleman, formal wear, white collar worker, Men master lying and keep a poker face early in life, but what about their legs? Bingo! If he opens his legs, then he’s confident and authentic, whereas if he has crossed legs, we’re thrown into two interpretations. If the top leg is directed towards you, then he wants to get closer. Total opposite is true for the top leg that's looking outwards.


His gesturing legs give us a subtle, yet telling story. A nervous shuffle or a tight interlocking might suggest he’s holding back or uneasy. And what about the far-fetched though intriguing idea of leg mirroring? Well, it’s like a dance beneath the table. If his knees subtly mimic yours, it's a silent, flirty mimicry, signaling he’s in sync with you. Watch this space though—too much jigging might mean he’s more interested in hitting the dance floor or escaping for fresh air than engaging in heart-to-heart talks.


His Eyes

hair, facial hair, eyebrow, beard, chin, It is a well known fact that a liar tries to avoid eye contact, which is why liars are encouraged to force themselves to look deep in the eye. Blinking is what gives them away. If he blinks 6 to 10 times per minute, there’s a great chance he’s faking it. Unless his contacts are dry and need replacement.


Gazing intently can signify genuine interest, but a furtive glance might suggest discomfort or a desire to mask true emotions. It's important to distinguish between nervous blinking and the natural eye movement that accompanies thoughtful conversation. Also, pay attention to dilated pupils, which can indicate a strong emotional response – often attraction – due to increased light or the positive excitement of being near someone special. However, context is key; darker environments will naturally cause pupil dilation, so consider the lighting before jumping to conclusions. Trust your instincts; they're usually right.


Mirroring Actions

photograph, fun, girl, interaction, happiness, Mirroring actions obviously boost chemistry between both of you. The more you mirror each other's actions unconsciously, the more you’re into each other. This means, his body is saying: “I’m into you", and yours is responding the same way.

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