7 Breakup Mantras That Will Help You Move on ...


Youโ€™ll read lots of advice about how to deal with a breakup. One piece youโ€™ll hear is about staying positive and to keep looking forward not back. But you know thatโ€™s not easy. Youโ€™re more inclined to want to wallow in the excruciating pain and sink into the memories of good times. And you find it oh so easy to blame yourself. Well itโ€™s time to buck up because positivity is your friend right now. And you need to move on. Find your mantra and say it. Regularly. Often. Put it on repeat. Find or develop your own mantra or steal one of these:

1. I Love Myself

I Love Myself

This is one of the key breakup mantras. You have to keep reminding yourself that the love given to you by your ex is not the love that you should be defined by. The love that really matters and the love that you need to be strong is the love that you have for yourself. That is a love that should never fade and will keep you strong when external sadness comes your way.

I Want to Be Happy


Good stuff.
Diana Blanco
You just gotta know that there is more to life, you'll meet more people as time goes by, and you have to leave the past in the past. Just let it make you grow, and let it make you stronger.
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