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17 Things Your Ex Will Miss after You're Gone ...

By Holly

Stop thinking about how badly you're going to miss your ex. Instead, you should start thinking about how much he's going to miss you. His loss is bigger, after all. Here are a few things that your ex is going to miss about you after you're gone:

1 Your Scent

Your Scent You know that signature perfume that you always wear? Your ex would never admit it, but he's going to miss it. The fact that your smell is still on his pillows will be the only thing helping him sleep through the night.

2 Your Laugh

Your Laugh There's nothing better than making someone you love laugh. That's why your ex is going to miss the sound of your laughter, even if you think that the sound is irritating.


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3 Your inside Jokes

Your inside Jokes There are plenty of inside jokes that he won't be able to tell anymore, because his friends won't understand them. It's always depressing to have something funny to say, but no one to say it to.

4 The Sex

The Sex It doesn't matter how amazing your sex life was. No matter what, he's going to miss the feel of your skin against his.

5 The Cuddling

The Cuddling Some boys claim that they hate cuddling, but that's just not true. Everybody loves snuggling up in bed. He'll miss how cozy you were.

6 Watching Shows with You

Watching Shows with You Now that you're gone, he won't have anyone to binge watch certain shows with. He'll have to watch them all by himself, and that's not any fun.

7 Your Family

Your Family You probably have some family members or friends that he loved hanging around with. Of course, now that you're broken up, they won't want to go anywhere near him.

8 Your Compliments

Your Compliments It's always nice to be told you look good. You always showered him with compliments, so now that you're gone, he might start feeling a bit insecure.

9 Your Smile

Your Smile There's nothing more beautiful than a smile. He won't be able to get the look of your smiling face out of his head.

10 Your Voice

Your Voice He'll miss the sounds of you singing, the sounds of you talking about your day, and even the sounds of you nagging.

11 Your Fights

Your Fights Fights aren't any fun. However, he might miss them, because they added some excitement to his life.

12 Your Texts

man, male, conversation, He's going to miss getting texts from you first thing in the morning. When he hears his phone beep, he might even think it's you.

13 Your Silliness

Your Silliness He's going to miss having someone to joke around with. It's one of the best things about being in a relationship.

14 Your Music

Your Music Even if he hated the pop songs you love, he's going to miss hearing them. Sometimes, the things we claim annoy us are actually the things we remember the most.

15 Your Cooking

Your Cooking It doesn't matter how good your cooking was. No matter what, he'll miss having someone else around to make him meals, so that he doesn't have to do the work.

16 Your Help with Housework

Your Help with Housework It's hard to take care of an apartment on your own. Once you're gone, he'll realize how helpful you were and will miss the assistance.

17 Your Support

Your Support It's always nice to have someone by your side, supporting everything that you do. Of course, now that you're gone, he won't have you around to cheer him on.

Yes, it's upsetting that you lost a boyfriend. However, he lost the greatest thing that's ever happened to him, so be happy you aren't in his shoes. What else do you think your ex is going to miss about you?

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