7 Different Types of Heartbreak Women Can Experience ...


7 Different Types of Heartbreak Women Can Experience ...
7 Different Types of Heartbreak Women Can Experience ...

Over the course of your life, you're going to get your heart broken countless times. It's unavoidable. However, it'll all be worth it. Here are the different types of heartbreak that a woman can experience:

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Getting Dumped by Your Boyfriend

This is the most obvious form of heartbreak. It's the type that you hear about in songs and see in movies. Of course, just because it's possible for a man to break your heart doesn't mean you should refuse to date. Putting yourself out there is a part of living. Don't assume that you'd be happier alone, because "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."


Getting Rejected by Your Crush

Getting Rejected by Your Crush You don't have to date someone in order to love them. You might have fallen head over heels with a friend, and were heartbroken when you found out that they didn't feel the same way as you did. Getting rejected by your crush can be just as difficult as a breakup is, even if you two never kissed or went out on an official date.


Losing a Close Friend

Losing a Close Friend People underestimate the importance of friendships. They don't talk about the fact that losing a best friend is just as heartbreaking as losing a boyfriend. After all, they're both people that you've spent tons of time with and cared about with your whole heart. Romantic relationships aren't any more valuable than friendships, so losing a gal pal can make you as miserable as losing a boyfriend can.


The Death of a Family Member

The Death of a Family Member There's nothing more heartbreaking than the death of a loved one. It doesn't matter if your parent dies, your boyfriend dies, or your pet dies. No matter what, it's not an easy event to recover from. After all, it means that you've just lost contact with someone that you cared deeply about.


The agony is immense and often indescribable, morphing every aspect of your daily life. The void left behind can echo through moments and places once filled with their presence, turning memories into a double-edged sword of comfort and pain. In these times, support from friends and family becomes invaluable. Seeking professional guidance through therapy or support groups could also assist in the healing process. Remember, mourning has no timeline, and it's okay to grieve at your own pace. Surround yourself with love, and bit by bit, you will find the strength to navigate this profound loss.


Losing Your Job

People aren't the only ones who can break your heart. You might get heartbroken over getting fired or getting turned down for a particular position. If something like this happens, you might even say that you broke your own heart, because you weren't "good enough" to reach the place in life that you wanted to reach.


Your Celeb Crush Getting Married

Your Celeb Crush Getting Married The love you feel for a celebrity won't feel exactly the same as the love you'd feel for a boyfriend. However, the feelings can be just as strong. If there aren't any other men in your life when you find out about your favorite celebrity getting married or engaged, it can be devastating. After all, the pictures of the happy couple will be splashed all over the television and internet, so there's no way to avoid seeing the man you wish you had.


Breaking Someone else's Heart

Breaking Someone else's Heart Everyone assumes that it's easier to break up with someone than to be broken up with. However, it can be heartbreaking to leave someone who cares about you, even if you aren't in love with them. After all, it's never any fun to look someone in the eyes and tell them devastating news. It can be just as upsetting as getting your own heart broken.

You can't let the idea of heartbreak scare you away from forming relationships with people you like. How many different types of heartbreak have you experienced?

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Another form of heartbreak for me would be just dating someone for several weeks or a month. You get close and finally let your wall down. It never becomes official, so the guy gets what he wants or gets bored and disappears. Stops responding to your texts, doesn't ask you out anymore, all the sudden you see them hitting on every other girl on facebook. That's happened to me way too many times.

45 years later I still think about breaking up with my boyfriend and how he wept for hours after. And so did I.

Blue, i just found my crush has a baby born two weeks ago.m heartbroken but it is well.with time I will be ok. I loved the guy

@mahlako trust me you will be fine.

Yep being dumped by a crush can be a pain but such is life move on trust me you will go on to meet someone who is crazy about you.

2 and 6 I've never dated lol! 😉

I have experienced #'s 2, 4; and #6 when I was younger and in the "fan-girl" stage, lol.

Yes heartbreak is such a hard thing to get thru and the younger you are the hardest it is but we are only human but heartbreak is so hard to go thru in all these forms that you showed

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