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Use These 7 Cakes to Break up with Your Boyfriend ...

By Holly

If you can't figure out how to break up with your boyfriend, why not use dessert to say the words you can't say yourself? According to Stylist, there's a new Instagram that posts pictures of breakup desserts. Take a look:

1 I Don't Think I Actually Loved You

These are some harsh words, so the only way to put them lightly is put putting them on a cake.

2 Eat Your Heart out

Isn't this an adorable little pun?


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3 It's Not Enough

Unfortunately, you can't stay with someone who isn't giving you everything that you need.

4 I Can't do This

This one speaks for itself.

5 Can't Say We Didn't Try

This is a positive way to look at your failed relationship.

6 We Can Still Be Friends

It's entirely possible to stay friends with an ex, after all.

7 Our Love Lacks Luster

He might not understand what this means, but it makes perfect sense to any woman who has gone through it.

Would you ever make a dessert like this?

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