How to Decipher Clich Break up Lines ...


How to Decipher Clich Break up Lines ...
How to Decipher Clich Break up Lines ...

There are certain breakup lines that we all rely on. Even if we don't mean what we're saying, we'll say it anyway, because we want to soften the blow. After all, it's not our intention to break our ex's heart. We just want him out of our life without causing him too much pain. However, if we're being honest, here's what common breakup lines really mean:

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

It’s Not You, It’s Me Of course it's not you. You're a gorgeous, fun, intelligent girl--but if you said that, it would make him even more upset about losing you. That's why you'll pretend that you're the one who needs to work on herself. You don't want to be mean by mentioning that the real reason behind the breakup is his personality, sense of humor, looks, smell, and basically everything about him.


We’re Just Too Different

We’re Just Too Different We all know that opposites attract, which is why this breakup line doesn't make all that much sense. When you use it, you're not actually saying that you're too different. You're saying that you want someone different--or more realistically, that you want someone better. After all, you deserve the very best.


We’re Better as Friends

We’re Better as Friends Sometimes, you'll actually want to remain friends with your ex. However, most of the time this line means that you two are better off deleting each other's phone numbers, nodding awkwardly in the hallway, and never speaking to each other again. After all, if he's not good enough to date, then he's probably not good enough to be your friend, either. That's just the way the cookie crumbles.


We Should See Other People

We Should See Other People Sometimes, this means, "I'm already seeing someone else." Sometimes, it means, "I've been fantasizing about other people." Either way, you're telling him that you want someone else, and that he should find someone else too, so that you don't have to deal with his drunken texts asking you to get back together.


I Need Some Space

I Need Some Space Some people will claim that they need space in order to make it sound like they aren't actually breaking up. Of course, that's exactly what they're doing. "I need some space" actually means that you don't want to occupy the same space as your ex ever again. Otherwise, you might think about getting a restraining order to assure that he'll never invade your space again.


You Deserve Better

You Deserve Better While this might be true, you probably didn't break up with him, because you think he's too good for you. It's more likely that you broke up with him, because you think that you're too good for him. After all, there's nothing wrong with breaking up with someone, because you think you deserve better.


I’m Not Ready for a Serious Relationship

person, learning, sorry,, tried, Gare., When you use this line, you're leaving two words off of the end of the sentence: "With you." If you found the right guy, you'd push your fears aside and settle down. Of course, he's not the right guy, which is why you're claiming you aren't ready for a relationship.


I Think We're Moving Too Fast

performance, stage, nightclub, singing, music venue, You can either use this line in a breakup scenario or not, but basically you'd only ever say it when you didn't feel comfortable with the speed of the relationship. Who knows, maybe it's the person you're with that leaves you feeling this way, as opposed to simply the idea of moving quickly.


I'm Not Ready for Commitment

entertainment, music, I'M, SORRY, onatdorsia, This line is kind of similar to number 7, but different in the way that you might be ready for a relationship but maybe you're looking for something more casual. This line is often used by those who tend to avoid long-term relationships which require commitment from both of you.


I Need to Focus on My Career

screenshot, Sorry, not, sorry., This line could mean a number of things. Maybe you truly mean it and want to focus on your goals at work, maybe you're crushing on your co-worker or maybe you just see your boyfriend as more of a distraction than anything else. Either way, any of the above reasons could be why you say this line in a breakup scenario.

Even though these breakup lines aren't exactly honest, it doesn't mean you should stop using them. If you think they'll make your ex feel better, then feel free to use them. Have you ever used any of these breakup lines before?

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What if the guy is good and a girl just wanted someone else for a vain reason like they heard they were good at doing "it" and such. Just saying.. the article is kinda off, it's just saying to go leave a guy easily and their feelings don't matter.

Lol this is so savage

I heard them all from the same guy because we broken up many times and still got back together in the end 😑

In #2 the cliche about opposites attracting is stupid and doesn't really work in relationships, at least not ones that are gonna last

@Dani Dani every time ! He won't let me move on when he breaks up with me every time

Definitely guilty of using most of the last ones haha. "I'm not looking for a serious relationship" +with you 😂👌🏼

I would have to agree that some if not all of these are not accurate. Of course, they may ring true with some people , some situations, but definitely not in every case. Entertaining to read though:)

You don't have to have the same personalities but you have to have the same views or else it won't work. And, this entire article is sexist. It's unfair to say that girls are amazing, but if a boy breaks up with you, it's immediately his fault. I know plenty of horrible girls and plenty of nice boys.

My husband and I are very opposite and we work just fine! :)

Haha i tried that one what a cop out !

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