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7 Types of Kisses Every Girl Dreams of ...

By Holly

Whether you saw a memorable kiss in a movie or made up the scenario between you and your crush, there are types of kisses that we'd all love to have. Some are sweet and sappy while others are passionate and risque. You might prefer one to the other, or just want them all. These are the types of kisses that everyone would be thrilled to receive.

1 Against Wall

Against Wall This is one of the types of kisses that can get a little rough. Of course, you don't want your man to hurt you, but you want to feel like he's in control. He won't be able to control how badly he wants you, so he pushes you up against the wall (with your consent of course) and you lock lips. It's a passionate move that can get your hearts racing. Who wouldn't want to have a kiss like this in the heat of the moment?

2 Forehead

Forehead This is a sweet gesture that can show how much he cares about you. It can come when you're lying in bed together or as you're holding hands in public. It's nothing fancy, but simplicity doesn't equal stupidity. Sometimes it's nice to have a small exchange of affection. It can give you those amazing butterflies.

3 Interruption

Interruption You don't want him to cut you off while you're trying to tell him something important, but the movies make these kisses look adorable. While you're in the middle of a sentence, he'll surprise you with a kiss. It could be one simple one that allows you to get back to your conversation easily, or it could lead to a make-out session. Either way, it's a little surprise that can keep things interesting. As long as he's not pulling the move to shut you up, it's romantic.

4 Comfort during Crying

Comfort during Crying Do you remember Jack and Kate's first kiss? The one where Kate is near tears and needs comfort, so she turns to him? Sometimes talking out your problems doesn't help the situation. At times, you need to feel like you're being protected. Getting kissed while tears are running down your face can make life seem a little brighter.

5 Unnoticed

Unnoticed It's impossible to know whether you've received one of these or not, but that doesn't alter their cuteness. When you're asleep and a guy plants a kiss on your head or in your hair, it shows he cares. He didn't have to perform the gesture, but he did so because he wanted to. He knows that you're not aware of it, so he's not doing it to score points with you. He's genuinely being sweet.

6 Soundtrack

Soundtrack Whether you're kissing in the car with the radio on or at a concert, this can make you feel like you're in a movie. The soundtrack playing in the background will feel like it's just for you. If the song relates to your relationship, then it will feel even more special. Plus, you can make it you and your boyfriend's official song. Every time you hear it, you'll be reminded of the nice night that you had.

7 Fight

Fight This is another kiss that you'll see on television or in the movies. Two people will be in the middle of a fight and then they'll suddenly kiss. Their sexual tension surpasses any argument that they appeared to be having. As long as he doesn't say anything too mean, there's no harm in this kind of kiss. Who knows what it could lead to?

Hopefully you'll all get the cute kisses that you deserve. Have you ever experienced any of these kisses? Are there any that I'm forgetting?

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