9 Quite Surprising Ways Your Man Shows His Love for You ...


9 Quite Surprising Ways Your Man Shows His Love for You ...
9 Quite Surprising Ways Your Man Shows His Love for You ...

I hate stereotypes and one of the stereotypes I often come across is the one referring to the fact that men can’t express their feelings and that most of the time, they’re emotionally numb; that’s just not true and I will prove it in this little article by showing you a few quite surprising ways your man shows his love for you. I know that sometimes it can be hard for a man to confess the feelings he has for you because he fears that they’re not mutual, so that’s why, most of the time, they prefer to just shut up and find other creative ways to show their love for you. So, here are 9 subtle ways your man shows his love for you:

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He Gives You His Time

In my opinion, one of the most subtle ways your man shows his love for you is the fact that he gives you his time, and trust me, this is really a big deal. You know a man loves you when you notice that he spends more time with you than with anyone else, like his family, colleagues or even than with his closest friends. This means that he’s really into you and that he really likes to spend every waking moment in your company. So, be happy that he’s choosing you over everything or everybody else!


In contrast to the grand gestures of love portrayed in the movies, it's these precious slices of time that speak volumes. He might sacrifice his cherished hobby hours or postpone a night out with the guys just to help you with your tasks or simply to be there for you. It's his way of saying you're his priority. And when he listens patiently to your stories or thoughts, even after a draining day, he's showing you that your voice is the most soothing melody to him. Isn't that simply heartwarming?


His Eyes Will Tell You Everything

If you want to know his true feelings for you, just pay attention to his beautiful eyes, ‘cause they are the ones that will tell you everything about his intentions. You’ll know he’s madly in love if he can’t take his eyes off you or if you often meet his eyes and he just starts smiling, apparently without a serious reason. Just pay attention to the little things and you’ll have your answer.


Eyes are not just windows to the soul, but also messengers of the heart's deepest emotions. If he lovingly gazes at you across a crowded room or holds your look a touch longer than necessary, these are silent confessions of his affection. When he's talking to you, note if his pupils dilate—a sign of a strong emotional response. And it's not just about the stares; it's about the way his eyes light up with pride or twinkle with joy whenever you achieve something or share a private joke. His unspoken words are there, shining bright in his eyes.


He Opens up

Among the other subtle ways a man shows his love for you is the fact that once he gets to know you better and once he realizes that he’s fallen for you, he will open himself up and he will be more affectionate with you. He will love to share his deepest thoughts, feelings and experiences with the woman he loves because he wants you to get to know him better and to understand his actions. You could say that this is one of the ways he tells you how special you really are and how much you mean to him.


He might begin to peel back the layers of his defenses, allowing his vulnerabilities to show. Trust is established when he confides in you about his fears and hopes, treating you as a true confidante. This emotional inclusivity, sharing triumphs and failures, highlights the depth of his affection. It's a testament that he not only cherishes you but also respects you enough to be genuine and forthcoming. Witnessing his comfort in being unguarded around you is a precious indication of love that goes beyond the superficial.


He Makes Compromises

If you’ve had your first fight or disagreement and he’s still there and tries to solve everything or at least to understand why were you so mad at him or what he did wrong, it’s a clear sign he considers you to be very special. It's also a sign that he’s willing to do everything possible to get over your little argument and see you happy and smiling again.


Making compromises is no small feat—it's woven from the threads of mutual respect and a profound desire to maintain harmony in your relationship. When he sets aside his own convenience for your sake, or adjusts his plans to align better with yours, this reflects a deep-seated commitment and caring. It's more than just smoothing over a tiff; it’s about shaping a partnership where both your needs are valued. So, whenever he meets you halfway and prioritizes reconciliation over being right, remember that these are the moments that underscore his true affection for you.


He Will Help You with Your Chores

One of the most surprising of the ways men show their love is the fact that they’re willing sometimes to do anything in order to make you happy, even to do different chores around the house that aren’t exactly such a pleasure to take care of. So, if he wants to help you scrub the bathroom floor or if he insists in taking out the trash, then it’s crystal clear how he really feels about you.


When your man willingly dives into household tasks, you're witnessing love in action. Consider it a silent serenade; his way of lightening your load speaks volumes. He isn't just tidying up—he's crafting a nurturing environment for the two of you. Remember, every swept floor and washed dish is a testament to his dedication. It's not about the chores themselves, but the care and affection that propel him to don those rubber gloves and get to work, all for the sake of your smile and the shared comfort of your home.


He Considers You First

You will know a man is madly in love with you, if he’s always considering you first before everyone else, whenever he makes any plans. That means that he wants you to be happy and that he’s willing to give up even on the things he enjoys if he suspects that you won’t feel the same. So, consider yourself very lucky if your man thinks first on your happiness over his.


Whether it's a big life choice or a small daily decision, his priority is your contentment. He might opt for a night in with you over a night out with his friends or choose a movie genre he knows you love, even if it's not his first choice. This kind of selfless behavior is a significant indicator of deep affection and commitment. He places your preferences and needs at the top of his list, which is a true testament to his profound feelings for you.


He Asks for Your Help

The fact that he always asks for your help when he’s doing something, no matter how small that things is, like when he’s looking for a gift or when he has to buy something for himself, means that he really values your opinion because he respects you and because you play such a big part in his life. So, be happy if he asks for your help or for your advice!


His constant requests for assistance may seem mundane, but it's a subtle signal that your presence in his life is indispensable. Whether he's choosing a new outfit or diving into a home repair project, your insights are his guiding light. He cherishes your expertise and the comfort you bring to his decisions, which, in essence, is his way of intertwining your life with his. So, when he reaches out for your thoughts, know it's more than just advice; it's a declaration of trust and unity.


He Wants You to Meet His Loved Ones

A clear sign he’s head over heels for you is the fact that he will introduce you to all his loved ones. A man in love takes pride in having such a special lady by his side and he will want you to meet all his closest friends and family members. So, if he tells everyone about you, then it’s a clear sign of how much he actually loves you and of how important you really are to him.


He Tries to Find You the Perfect Gift

If you’ve noticed that your man has really tried to find you the perfect gift for your birthday, for your anniversary or that he even bought you a gift for no particular reason, you should definitely take it as a compliment. This shows that he’s not only an attentive listener, but he’s also thoughtful and willing to sacrifice his time and energy in order to find you the perfect gift.

Usually men have more subtle ways of showing their true feelings for you. I mentioned a few in this little article, but I’m sure that there are many more I forgot about. So, can you give me a hand and tell me if you know any other surprising ways your man shows his love for you? Please share your thoughts with us!

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So true

I met a really sweet boy at a summer camp, and we\'ve been friends for 3 years. I get the hint he might like me, and I like him back. Should I tell him?


Willing to watch*

I had an ex who was willing a girly movie with me despite bring pretty masculine. It's still the cutest thing any guy's ever done for me!

@Mandy - Has your hubby got a brother? If not, ladies - WHERE can we find such people?

Yes! #9!!! So thoughtful

My hubby gives me lady nights out as often as I want and watches all three kids when I come home they are fed, bathed, and in bed! I def. don't take advantage but it's nice!

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