The Rules πŸ“ for First Dates πŸ‘« for the 2️⃣1️⃣st Century ...

It is so important to know proper etiquette for a first date in the 21st century. That is, if you want that second date. It's obvious to not be late and mention your ex, but there is a lot of grey area in this digital age because times have clearly changed. Here are 7 rules you must know before that first date.

1. Don't Make Paying the Bill a Thing

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Who should pay? This exhausting situation can go a number of ways, but it's definitely an outdated assumption that the men should always be the one to pay. Pretend like you're having a drink with a friend. What would you do? Either split the bill, or pick up the tab while the other pays next time around.

2. Don't Go Somewhere Expensive

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Keep in mind that you might have a different budget than your date. If you knowingly choose something expensive, you should pick up the tab. It's best to play it safe on the first date.

3. Drinks Are a Must

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A sober first date is a painful first date. Going out with a total stranger can give anyone anxiety, so don't be afraid to pre-drink just a little bit before heading out. I would recommend one shot to get rid of those nerves. Order drinks during the date, too, but don't overdo it. There's a fine line--know your limit.

4. Say What You Want

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It's now easier than ever to get a date with online dating apps. Be yourself and don't try to fit a mold of what your date is expecting. Take my advice--don't edit yourself.

5. Use Your Phone if You Absolutely Need to

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Don't be on your phone if you can help it. I know you'd love to tell your bff every little detail, but don't text your friends every play by play of your night. Your date would probably get the impression that you're bored and don't want to be there. If there is an emergency, tell your date and step out to take a call.

6. The Third Date Rule Isn't a Rule

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Waiting for a random number of dates to get intimate is just pointless. Do what's right for the two of you, because there's no reason you can't end up in a serious relationship if you don't wait. If waiting is your thing, who is to judge? You do you!

7. Be Fun

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Enjoy yourself no matter what! Your date might be completely boring and awful...if you make it. Still be yourself and keep things upbeat even if you're ready to leave. If anything, you'll walk away with a story to tell.

Keep an open mind and put yourself out there! The first date sets the tone for any potential relationship, so keep it fun and light. Don't be afraid to show your personality and get out of your comfort zone. Be yourself and everything will fall into place.

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