You Should Probably Know These Things 👆🏼 before Dating a Low 👌🏼 Maintenance Girl ...

If you are dating 👫 someone that is a bit low maintenance, it doesn't mean that they have low standards, it means that they don't take life 🌱 too seriously and really, don't give a shit about brand names and designers. Low maintenance girlfriends are some of the best out there and if you find one? Wife her up 👆 immediately! Here 🈁 are the basics that you'll need to know, though, the low-down, so pay attention!

1. Every Tee Shirt 👔 You Own 🈶 is Now Ours

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Sorry, but when you date 👭 a girl 👩 that is low maintenance, we like 💖 to share things and when we are lounging around, it's probably going 👣 to be in something you've worn and you own. We will also rock 💎 it better than you ever will.

2. You Won't Have a Mine-field in the Shower

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We don't have a lot of fuss in the shower, we have shampoo, conditioner and that's about it – maybe somebody wash 🛁 but we might also opt for bar ➖ soap. So the shower? You won't trip ✈️ over all of the products that high maintenance girls 👭 have.

3. We'll Be Ready in about 15 Minutes

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Most likely, we'll be ready before you even get out of the shower. That's a good 👍 thing too right? That way you won't be waiting around for hours ⌛ and hours at a time.

4. Oh Yes, We Can Share Clothes

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That means that your clothes are mine and mine are yours … if you want it. We like 👌 to borrow all kinds of things, like 😚 tee shirts and jeans 👖 and I can promise, that our closet 👚 is filled with our exes clothes and we love 😽 every single 1️⃣ piece.

5. Shopping? Let's Not

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Yeah, for serious, let's not. Sure, some low maintenance girls 👭 do still like 😚 to go on 🔛 shopping 👖 trips but for the most part, we'd rather do something fun, something active 🚵 and something interactive, not shopping.

6. We're Good 👍 at Getting Dirty

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In all sorts of ways. No, really, we don't mind getting a little dirty and we don't mind if there is grit and grime under our nails. Keep that in mind when you are planning dates!

7. We Prioritize Fun Things, Not Bullshit Brands

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The thing about designer brands is that they can only last so long. Who cares what purse 👝 we are carrying or what brand of yoga pants 👖 we are wearing. It doesn't matter and we really don't care, to be honest. That means that we prioritize everything fun over shopping 👕 and designer brands.

8. Netflix Marathons Are a Must

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Yes. You must have a Netflix account and you must binge watch 📺 stuff with us. Netflix and chill ✌️ is a real thing in our books 📚 and you have got to bring the Red ⭕ Vines and popcorn too. We'll provide the pizza 🍕 rolls.

So, now that you know the low-down on 🔘 a low maintenance girl, what's your favorite part? All you girls 👭 out there, have anything to add? What else do you like 💙 to do?

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