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You Should Probably Know These Things before Dating a Low Maintenance Girl ...

By Heather

If you are dating 👫 someone that is a bit low maintenance, it doesn't mean that they have low standards, it means that they don't take life 🌱 too seriously and really, don't give a shit about brand names and designers. Low maintenance girlfriends are some of the best out there and if you find one? Wife her up 👆 immediately! Here 🈁 are the basics that you'll need to know, though, the low-down, so pay attention!

1 Every Tee Shirt 👔 You Own 🈶 is Now Ours

Sorry, but when you date 👭 a girl 👩 that is low maintenance, we like 💖 to share things and when we are lounging around, it's probably going 👣 to be in something you've worn and you own. We will also rock 💎 it better than you ever will.

2 You Won't Have a Mine-field in the Shower

We don't have a lot of fuss in the shower, we have shampoo, conditioner and that's about it – maybe somebody wash 🛁 but we might also opt for bar ➖ soap. So the shower? You won't trip ✈️ over all of the products that high maintenance girls 👭 have.

3 We'll Be Ready in about 15 Minutes

Most likely, we'll be ready before you even get out of the shower. That's a good 👍 thing too right? That way you won't be waiting around for hours ⌛ and hours at a time.

4 Oh Yes, We Can Share Clothes

That means that your clothes are mine and mine are yours … if you want it. We like 👌 to borrow all kinds of things, like 😚 tee shirts and jeans 👖 and I can promise, that our closet 👚 is filled with our exes clothes and we love 😽 every single 1️⃣ piece.

5 Shopping? Let's Not

Yeah, for serious, let's not. Sure, some low maintenance girls 👭 do still like 😚 to go on 🔛 shopping 👖 trips but for the most part, we'd rather do something fun, something active 🚵 and something interactive, not shopping.

6 We're Good 👍 at Getting Dirty

In all sorts of ways. No, really, we don't mind getting a little dirty and we don't mind if there is grit and grime under our nails. Keep that in mind when you are planning dates!

7 We Prioritize Fun Things, Not Bullshit Brands

The thing about designer brands is that they can only last so long. Who cares what purse 👝 we are carrying or what brand of yoga pants 👖 we are wearing. It doesn't matter and we really don't care, to be honest. That means that we prioritize everything fun over shopping 👕 and designer brands.

8 Netflix Marathons Are a Must

Yes. You must have a Netflix account and you must binge watch 📺 stuff with us. Netflix and chill ✌️ is a real thing in our books 📚 and you have got to bring the Red ⭕ Vines and popcorn too. We'll provide the pizza 🍕 rolls.

So, now that you know the low-down on 🔘 a low maintenance girl, what's your favorite part? All you girls 👭 out there, have anything to add? What else do you like 💙 to do?

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