10 Classic Signs πŸ’Ÿ You're in Love πŸ’˜ for Girls Who Can't Tell πŸ€” ...


You may not always know straight away when you're in love, so here are a few classic signs that might help you come to a conclusion!

1. Their Happiness is Important to You

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You know how important their happiness is and that's why it can hurt so much if they're in a place of unhappiness. Sometimes it can even feel as though you're affected by it, simply because of the extent to which you care about them and their well-being. You want the best for them in every way possible and you will do anything you can to make this happen.

You're Constantly 'giving'


When you say 'we' as opposed to 'I' all the time. Then you know it's real!πŸ˜‚
Anne Elizabeth Guevarra
Is everybody still chatting here?
Louis Armando Ramos
I have a serious question/problem
I think you can love someone for how they make you feel about yourself, but I agree you don't need to love yourself
I disagree with one point about loving yourself. You're cheapening people's love for their so's because they have self esteem issues ans that's not okay.
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