Signs He's Not over His Ex 💔 and He Still Thinks about Her 🤔 ...

When you are dating 👫 someone new, it can be hard to deal with their exes and their history, especially if they aren't over them. If you are wondering if your new 🆕 boyfriend is still thinking 💭 about his ex, these are some of the surefire signs that you need to watch ⌚ out for. Trust me, if he is following along with some of these signs, he for sure is still thinking 💭 about her.

1. All of the Talking 📱 He Does about Her

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Every conversation really starts with her and ends with her. He talks about how it 'used' to be with her and sometimes, he even compares you to her. None 🈚 of this is good 👍 girls 👭 and none 0️⃣ of this is okay. You need to make sure that if your boy 👦🏽 is talking 📞 about someone, it is you, not her.

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