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Warning Signs for Women Who Think Their Man is Lying ...

By Emily

Nothing is worse than finding out someone you trust has been lying to you, especially if it’s been going on for a while. Knowing warning signs can save you from more hurt down the road, so check these out.

Table of contents:

  1. He’s acting different
  2. He changes his story
  3. He’s on the defense👊
  4. He deletes his history❌
  5. His body language
  6. He over-explains
  7. He refuses to talk😶

1 He’s Acting Different

This one seems kind of obvious: if your BF is acting funny, he may be dishonest. A big indicator is if he’s usually talkative and suddenly acts quiet and distant, then something may be going on.

2 He Changes His Story

The next time your guy tells you something, make sure you really listen to the details. If you look at it from an outside perspective and ask if it makes sense, you can figure a lot out. Ask him to repeat things if you need to. If details change, that’s also a sign.

3 He’s on the Defense👊

If you confront your BF about something and he gets super defensive, it could be a sign that he’s lying. People tend to freak out when they think they’re going to get caught.

4 He Deletes His History❌

If your boyfriend is very adamant about keeping things clean: his browser history, messages, etc. – then he may be hiding something. You should be able to scroll through his phone with no objection.

5 His Body Language

The biggest indicator of a lie is when he won’t look you in the eye. Or maybe he doesn’t want to look at you at all. I’ve noticed a lot of people fidget when they’re lying, too. Noticing these things among others can add up to a liar.

6 He over-explains

Sometimes being quiet isn’t always a sign of lying. In fact, the opposite can be a sign. If you are talking with your guy and he repeats a lot of what he’s saying or goes off in a lot of pointless directions, then he could be lying.

7 He Refuses to Talk😶

If you decide to confront or talk to your guy about something and he flat out refuses, that isn’t a good indicator that he’s being honest. If he wants to make sure he has your trust, he’ll want to talk it out.

These are just a few signs that your guy might be lying to you. Of course, they aren’t always right. Try and use your best judgment and read the signs as best as you can. Everyone deserves to be in an honest relationship. If you have any more advice, feel free to share.

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