Signs You and Your Partner Are Really Best Friends ...


Signs You and Your Partner Are Really Best Friends ...
Signs You and Your Partner Are Really Best Friends ...

All strong relationships ✊ have one thing in common: A solid foundation. When you first started dating, you both took the time 🕑 to really get to know each other and set the groundwork for your friendship 👭 first. You can't put your finger on it and sometimes it's hard to put into words but he just *gets* you. When you're with him, you know that you're more than just his plus ➕ one, his partner, and occasional movie 🎥 buddy.

That's because he's your best friend. When it comes to dating, friendship 👭 is often taken as synonymous with being in a relationship. But it's not that simple. It takes knowing each other on a deeper level to reach that point.

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You're Each Other's Personal Cheerleaders

people, person, audience, musical theatre, DIE, He's your biggest supporter (even when you don't support yourself). You just bombed that test or lost out on the promotion you worked so hard for 😕. No matter what you do, you can't shake off being down ⏬ in the dumps 🙅. He always goes out of his way to show that he's behind you 100 💯 percent.


You're Not Afraid to Be Yourself around Him

audience, screenshot, You can walk out in your sweatpants and messy bun on date night and he'll still think you're the most beautiful girl 💁 in the room - That's because you are! You can also nerd out over your favorite shows or characters and he won't bat an eye.


You Have so Much in Common It's Scary

person, people, You share many of the same interests, and can pretty much guess what the other will order for dinner. It doesn't hurt that he's super easy to get along with.


You Know How to Have Fun and Never Sweat 💧 the Small Stuff

black and white, black, crowd, photography, monochrome, Since you share the same dry or quirky sense of humor, you both crack up over the smallest things. You're firm believers in the idea 💡 that life is too short to take everything so seriously.


You're Comfortable Talking 📢 about Your Day with Him - Good 👍 or Bad 👎

human action, photograph, black and white, person, people, It's really easy to open up to him about anything and everything. The best part is that he's always ready to listen; he doesn't cut you off or jump in with his opinions while you're venting.


You Don't Ever Have to Hold Back What You're Thinking 💭 or Feeling

man, darkness, photography, portrait, emotion, Be honest. There are little things he does that seriously piss you off. And you're not afraid to tell it like it is. But it doesn't just end there. He actively tries to work on it.


What Germs?

sense, RRAGH, dwe15, You used to be a huge germaphobe until you started dating. But now? You've given him a 'feel better' kiss 😚 when he was sick 😷 with the flu. Or you're guilty of drinking from the same straw, cup, carton. The list goes on.


He's Your Permanent plus ➕ One

black, photograph, black and white, person, photography, Having him there with you makes everything burn brighter 🌞. You genuinely enjoy his company and can't picture him not being around. It's hard to imagine a time 🕢 when you weren't together.

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